Techgh24 is now Techfocus24 

Samuel Dowuona, Founder and Editor, Techfocus24

One of Ghana’s leading technology content platforms, Techgh24 has rebranded to Techfocus24 to reflect the real scope of the platform’s content, which is global. The rebranding comes almost three years after the platform was set up in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in Ghana.

Three years on and Techgh24 (now Techfocus24) has emerged as a critical go-to platform for tech and fintech content from Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world.

Riding mainly on the back of its multiple award-winning tech journalist founder and lead, Samuel Dowuona, Techfocus24 has remained committed to promoting the industry in Ghana and Africa as well as influencing industry policies with its cutting-edge articles and pointing to lessons from around the globe.

“No platform tells industry stories and influences industry policies at both the national and institutional levels like techfocus24,” founder Sammy Dowuona said. “Our passion for and expertise in this area comes from over two decades of dedicated coverage of the industry with several awards to show for it.”

Regarding the name change, Sammy Dowuona said it was important to have kept the “GH” (Ghana) in the name for starters to make audiences around the globe know that the platform originated from Ghana. But once the point is made, it has become necessary to give the platform a generic and global outlook.

“Quite a number of our valuable audience gave us feedback that the tag GH creates the impression that we only cover Ghana even though it was obvious that our content cuts across the globe. So after careful consideration of the feedback we settled on the new name Techfocus24, which maintains the unique ‘24’,” he said.

According to him, the new name will come with some new stuff that will be rolled out gradually – one of which will be a daily around the world major news headlines in tech, fintech and the digital industry, giving full meaning to the ‘24’ in the name.

“We are also looking at doing some video content in the future, which will give audiences access to our YouTube channel to watch audio visual versions of stories we have covered plus short in-house produced content,” Sammy said.

Sammy said the platform will also explore the creation of a photo gallery, a column for Ghanaian and African startups and also a boost of the personality column.

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