#OutstandingBrands23: Brand management—key for driving growth, resilience and transformation

Guaranty Trust Bank Ltd

Who do people say we are? This is a one very important question that we keep asking periodically since the inception of the bank. The answers received from this question have always given us a great indication of what we call perception, or in this context, the true brand.

With our focus on giving our customers the easy of banking on the go called ‘simple life’ through our digital disposition as a bank, it is always important to affirm our association with them and potential customers on how well their lives are impacted with this strategy.

As is often said, a brand resides in the minds and hearts of the consumer, and over the last 16 years, Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Ltd. has made a conscious effort to carry our customers along on the journey of transition and growth.

The focus of the bank on community-based social responsibility initiatives, such as partaking in the Autism Awareness and Consultation Agenda in Ghana, purchasing of medical equipment for hospitals, refurbishing ICT laboratories for public basic schools, hosting the biggest free music concert in the country, among others, have been key in what the brand represents.

Each brand has a unique story about its existence and what they have to offer their customers. In a highly saturated market filled with consumers who become increasingly demanding by the day, it is necessary that institutions remind their customers of what makes them distinct from their competitors.

Starting off as a corporate-centred bank, we introduced niche products and services, such as Guaranty Trust Automated Payment System (GAPS), GTPay and Myghpay, for our corporate customers to help grow their businesses while enabling them transact conveniently without having to spend time visiting a branch.

However, in the last 4 years, the bank has positioned itself as the Retail Bank of Choice in Ghana, with key focus on the everyday Ghanaian account owner. We have worked toward being the first pick for low to medium income earners – the table-top seller, the hairdresser, the street food vendor, etc.

This brand identity has informed our communication and digital marketing models in a way that is easily understood by our target audience. For instance, our digital advertising posts are infused with various local languages, which makes it easy for our audience to relate with the message and embrace our service and product offering.

We have also reinforced the retail brand identity through our strategic partnerships and sponsorships to earn us top-of-mind awareness and easy brand recall among our target audience while contributing positively to change and empowerment. One such brand association is the dance reality show Di Asa, which seeks to empower plus-size women to overcome societal stigmatisation and embrace their physical attributes.

Our resilience to be the bank of choice for the everyday Ghanaian is reinforced by frequent on-ground activations carried out across the country. Customers are visited in their homes and offices, and introduced to our wide array of services that can enhance the smooth running of their businesses, including our payment platforms.

One key aspect of brand management is stakeholder engagement; and as a customer-focused bank, we believe in directly engaging with our customers to offer our assistance with the day-to-day running of their accounts, and also gathering feedback on how we can continue to offer them exceptional service delivery.

Right from our banking halls, we have incorporated a customer feedback QR scanner by which customers who transact at the banking hall can provide feedback on service delivery. The bank also has a dedicated 24/7 Call Centre and email address for all customer engagements.

GTBank’s social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Whatsapp – are also lauded as highly interactive, with daily posts about products and services, and dedicated staff to attend to all requests, enquiries and complaints round the clock.

One initiative which has endeared and continues to endear the bank to its customers is the periodic customer engagement dubbed: ‘Talk with MD’. This is a two-hour session, where customers can call and directly speak with the Managing Director of the bank, put in their requests, and offer ideas on how to improve on our operations.

For Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited, the brand is a solid promise of convenience, trust and round the clock top-notch service delivery that clearly distinguishes it in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment.




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