EU unveils Victoria Michaels as Goodwill Ambassador in Ghana

EU Goodwill Ambassador

The European Union (EU) in Ghana has officially unveiled the EU Goodwill international model and entrepreneur, Victoria Michaels, as EU Goodwill Ambassador in Ghana for 2023.

Goodwill ambassadors typically spread goodwill by advocating for ideas or viewpoints among groups of people or between different entities in order to forge friendly ties.

Ms. Michaels is expected to contribute to promoting and engaging the Ghanaian public on EU priorities, programmes and activities in Ghana, including the creation of green growth and jobs, smart and sustainable cities, good governance, and security.

At a reception at the EU Ambassador’s Residence in Accra, the EU Ambassador to Ghana, Irchad Razaaly, said the selection of Ms. Michaels as the Goodwill Ambassador did not come on the grounds just because of her brand, but also because of her commitment to make impact.

“Victoria is a perfect fit as our Goodwill Ambassador. She is committed on a personal level to sustainability, job creation and women’s empowerment – all important priorities of the EU.”

Highlighting some of the achievements that have earned her the role, Ambassador Razaaly said: “She has supported our common causes in the past, notably on sustainability and circular economy as the EU Climate Champion. She has actively participated in our beach clean-ups and other activities to relay our messages to her wide audience. She is committed on a personal level to sustainability and job creation.”

Commenting on her nomination Ms. Michaels said: “It is a huge honour for me to be appointed as EU Goodwill Ambassador. In my role as Goodwill Ambassador, I plan to expand opportunities for women and youth, promote entrepreneurship and job creation, and take action to protect our climate and environment”.

She added that she will continue to use her voice and platform to highlight the important work of the European Union in both Ghana and other parts of the African continent.

“This is a very critical moment around the global economy. We must not stop in our quest to discover and build new confluence of solutions to better the globe. This evening, in the presence of friends, family, colleagues, members of the delegation and all the stakeholders represented here, I make a solemn pledge to use my capacity, network, influence and goodwill this appointment accords for the better and greater good. I will also strive to build new bridges between the EU and other entities across national and organisational interests,” she noted.

Young, industrial and influential Victoria Michaels is a climate activist in her own right, and actively uses her platforms to advocate for climate action. She founded Fashion Connect Africa to empower women and less-privileged children across Africa to access opportunities, including education and jobs.

In parallel, Victoria’s work as a model has provided her with a large audience, and she has notably featured on the covers of international magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Glitz Africa, Glam Africa, Elle, and Vanity Fair.

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