Wheel of Life Series with Lady Sam: Have positive conversations with yourself


There are many conversations that we have in the day, we have conversations with our spouses, we have conversations with our parents, siblings, teachers, lawyers, colleagues – the list is endless. There are various people that we have various conversations with, but one of the most important conversations that we can ever have is the one that we have with ourselves, and being conscious of that this year – in 2023 – is key. That is probably one of the most critical conversations that we will ever have on a daily basis because that conversation is a constant.

The voice we hear constantly above all the other voices is our very own voice, which is why it is critical that we always speak the right language to ourselves.

In some organisation’s, they have a way of measuring the sentiment of any media coverage that has been captured in the press about them. It is normally segmented into either positive news, neutral news or negative news.

This gives an indication as to how the organisation is perceived, and it also provides an opportunity for the organisation to look at areas that need to either be worked on, improved or continued. It then becomes the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that the conversations that surround them in the media space lean more toward positive news as opposed to negative or even neutral news.

Therefore, the question I need you to ask yourself is, when you look at the conversations you have with yourself, how many of them are positive, how many of them are neutral and how many of them are negative?

The way we see ourselves or speak to ourselves can also determine the way others see us or speak to us. It is really that simple: Don’t be a person that sees the glass as half-empty. Be the person that sees the glass as half-full. Try to see the positive or best in every situation. Just as it is with an organisation, it is your responsibility to ensure that you speak positively to yourself.

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