2023 National Catholic Blood Donation Campaign launched


The National Union of Ghana Catholic Diocesan Priests Association (NUGCDPA) has launched its annual blood donation campaign dubbed: ‘National Catholic Blood Donation Campaign’. It seeks to encourage individuals to contribute toward sustaining the National Blood Bank.

Speaking at the NUGCDPA congress, Director of the Kaysens Group – founder of Kwaaba Foundation and Brand Ambassador for the National Blood Service Ghana, Maame K. Stephens, indicated that the country is currently in need of blood; hence, it is important that everyone contributes toward replenishing the blood bank.

“Ghana is in dire need of blood for women who bleed excessively during childbirth, babies, cancer patients and accident victims, just to mention a few. Surgeries have had to be postponed due to lack of blood. As a country, we have never ever met our blood requirement, which is just 1 percent of the Ghanaian population; and Catholics can change that narrative.

“To put things into perspective, we need 1 percent of the population to give 300,000 units and we are only getting about 160,000, of which 60,000 is voluntary, the rest (100,000) is replacement; so 10,000 units will go a very long way,” she said.

The congress was on the theme: ‘A Synodal Church and the Welfare of the Diocesan Priest in a Changing World’.

She further urged members of the association to challenge themselves by becoming voluntary blood donors so as to serve as inspiration to their parishes and deaneries.

She added that: “As a proud Catholic and product of Holy Child School, where we believe in action, not words, I would like us to intensify the good we are already doing. In Navrongo, priests led by example by participating in a blood drive which was organised on the 2nd day of the congress with 101 units of blood. Congratulations!

“This time round, we would like you to please show commitment by completing a short form which is being passed around requesting for your name, contact and name of parish so the National Blood Service can follow up with you. As you conduct blood donation exercises in your Parishes, please remember to incorporate the National Catholic Donation Campaign logo on your fliers to show you are part of the campaign; a bigger agenda, an effort to save lives.”

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