Get into the Friends Zone with e.TV


Your world of quality entertainment, Ghana, is reviving the television game show scene with a novel show dubbed, ‘Friends Zone’. Friendship is the glue that holds relationships together and Ghana, has once again proven that aside from entertaining viewers, it also has the penchant to educate and foster long lasting bonds amongst them.

As the name suggests, Friends Zone is a fun and bonding game which sees friendships tried and tested. The show seeks to identify how much friends know about each other and how grounded their relationship is.

Personal questions which answers can be known only to friends are asked and the ‘friend duo’ who best answer these questions and prove the strength and authenticity of their friendship and validate it in the eyes of the Ghanaian Populace.

The best part of the show is apart from strengthening existing bonds, the team of friends who earn 50 points will walk away with a cash price of GH¢2,000.00. On Friends Zone, you stand the chance of meeting with your favorite celebrities and interacting with them.

Host of the show, Kwaku Ananse, describes ‘Friends Zone’ as a game show that puts two sets of friends to the test. “They play a set of five games and at the end of the day, the winning team justified as good friends walk home with G¢2000.00.”

Timothy Karikari, Director of Broadcasting at Global Media Alliance Broadcast Company (GMABC), indicated that the Friends Zone show is one for the history books. According to him, the show will revolutionize the world of television game shows.

“It is said that a friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. This quote represents all one needs to know about friendship and the newly introduced ‘Friends Zone’ show on your world of quality entertainment, Ghana. Join the Friends Zone train on Ghana and enjoy an amazing blend or entertainment, education and witness the biggest bonding show on television,” he stated.

He called on all persons who would love to participate or sponsor the “Friends Zone” to call 0202222098 or 0244906235. The Friends Zone show is set to premiere on Saturday, January 7, 2023 at 8:00pm and will be aired each and every Saturday at 8:00pm after.

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