Motoring with Bob Roco Romeo: NRSA to ensure road safety before, during and after Yuletide  


Ahead of the Yuletide, the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has embarked on a series of road safety exercises to educate drivers, transport operators and pedestrians on the need to take precautions on the road to avoid accidents.

This, the Authority said, will help save lives and properties as well ensure a serene environment to attract more investors and help bring about development.

The Northern and Savannah Regional Director of NRSA, Mohammed Samad, speaking on the initiative noted that the Commission is undergoing the exercises in collaboration with other stakeholders: such as the Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Highways Authority, National Ambulance Service, National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and National Insurance Commission.

“We cannot continue to see people die and property lost during the period. That is why we are working together to keep all road users safe before, during and after the festive season,” the NRSA boss has said.

The Authority entreated drivers and riders to adhere to the road regulations while discharging their duties, so as to curb the rampant road accidents recorded every year during the festive season.

Placing an emphasis on motorcycles, which he said is the most common means of transportation in Tamale, he noted that many riders continue defying instructions to wear protective gear, and obtain their riders’ licence and the mandatory vehicle insurance.

“The manufacturers of motorbikes thought about the safety of riders, and that is why they come with a crash-helmet; hence the need for all riders to wear helmets when riding to safeguard their heads and life.

“Each and every one of us has just one head, which we need to consider as a general office. We can see people existing without legs and hands, but we have never seen anyone exist without a head – and that tells you how important it is for us to protect our heads with crash helmets whenever we find ourselves on the road,” he said.

In addition to the motorbike riders, Mr. Samad also called on drivers to avoid driving while drunk, or over-speeding; and avoiding the use of mobile phones while driving and also using hard drugs and stimulants.

“We are doing everything within our power to continue educating the general public on how to be safe when using our roads. Just recently, the Authority in collaboration with Vivo Energy and the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly educated about 100 commercial drivers on road safety,” he disclosed.

Mr. Samad called on all road users to be observant and tolerant on the roads at all times, so that everyone can be safe during and after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

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