280 people from Tema New Town and Teshie screened by ASA


Two hundred and eighty people from Tema New Town and Teshie in the Greater Accra Region have benefitted from the annual free health screening of ASA Savings and Loans Limited.

They were screened and tested in, Malaria, Sugar, Blood Pressure, Hepatitis B and had their vitals checked.

Some were given medication based on their ailment whist others were referred to the hospitals for further checkup and treatment.

According to Dr. Serwaa Kelda Bokye, who was in charge at the screening, the most occurring diseases were malaria and blood pressure.

She advised those with malaria to ensure that their environment is always clean whilst those who had blood pressure were also counselled to exercise regularly, eat healthy diet, reduce salt in their diet, limit alcohol intake, quit smoking, get enough rest, avoid things that will stress them as well as monitor their blood pressure at home and get regular checkups.

Mr. Felix E. Adedeme, Junior Divisional Manager of ASA Savings and Loans Limited Tema said, the health screening has always been an annual event by the company.

He said the company, is not only interested in profit but believes that if customers have good health, it will affect the growth of their business.

Also, he said it will impact on the company positively, especially in terms of savings; “We will also be able to support their businesses by given them loans”.

“I will encourage all to continue to participate in all our free health screening exercise to know your health status”, he added.

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