Current economic crisis calls for innovation – ACCA panel president


Given the current economic crisis that has led to the collapse of some businesses, as well as the high cost of living, President of the Network Panel of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Audrey Naa Dei Kotey, has said the situation calls for innovation to help come out of its effects.

According to her, this calls for stakeholders within the economic sector to reason outside the box and proffer solutions which can take the country out of this situation. She said there is a need for them to grab global expertise, since it is not only Ghana that is facing such problems.

Speaking at the ‘ACCA Future Members’ Awards and Recognition’, she said members and affiliates of ACCA can help resolve the country’s current economic crisis through their connection to a global team of expertise and knowledge, which they can apply locally to resolve challenges confronting businesses and the entire economy.

“The current economic crisis is not something that we have seen before; it calls for innovation, it calls for accountants and finance professionals who are innovative and able to think outside the box; and that’s what ACCA does. ACCA has a global network which our students, members and affiliates working various capacities are plugged into, and that gives them opportunity to share ideas globally.

“The intention is that when they share those ideas globally – with networks in PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, EY and other companies – they will be able to take all the global expertise and knowledge they are getting and plug it into our local economy. So, ACCA members will find opportunities to tone their skills to the local economy,” she said.

She reiterated that ACCA members are better-positioned to think locally and bring a global perspective to the problems currently existing. She added that it is important ACCA members make a difference in their respective areas.

Ms. Kotey mentioned that ACCA is dedicated to training its members to help them attain global recognition in their field of work, stating that: “You can see the number of affiliates that we have, and I know the sort of dedication that goes into training ACCA students and alumni. So, for us, the future is ACCA and the future is global”.

Speaking on the ACCA Future Members’ Awards and Recognition, she said it is to encourage and recognise members and affiliates who have excelled locally and globally in the ACCA exams. Over 100 members were recognised on the day for their excellent performances.

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