Message from Honorary Consul Dimitrious Avraam


On the occasion of the 15th of November, let me extend my best wishes to all the friends of Belgium in Ghana!

I had the privilege to be appointed by His Majesty King Baudouin of Belgium, as an Honorary Consul in November 1992.

The Honorary Consular Corps of Ghana was founded in 1996 and since 2015, I have been the Dean of the association, currently with a membership of 34

Over the years, as the Hon Consul, my focus has been in assisting our Belgian Nationals in Ghana, my government in developing and maintaining excellent bilateral relations with Ghana in all sectors such as economy, education, health, agriculture and culture and providing the necessary support to our Embassy in La Cote d’Ivoire.  

Some of the achievements we are proud of are the existing Double Taxation Agreement dating back in 2005 and the development projects benefiting the country. Projects such as  expansion of Takoradi Port and new Elmina Fishing Harbour, Sea Defence Works in Ada and other locations as well dredging works,  The Koforidua & Essakyir Water supply projects and the ongoing, Takoradi Inner Roads & Overpass Project,  the  Tarkwa Water Distribution Project which is   to start soon and not forgetting the supply of buses over the years as well as the recent supply of VDL buses to MMTL,  are just few to mention .

Various SME such as Niche chocolates in Tema have been supported by Belgium Investment Office (BIO)Several Economic, Trade and Investment missions have been successfully organized in Ghana to promote trade.

Another endeavor to strengthen the economic ties with Ghana through its support to Belgian companies wanting to develop the Ghanaian market and expanding trade relation with Ghana was the launching of the Belgian Business Club in Jan 2020, a private association of 25+ companies and professionals belonging to different sectors which aims at supporting, fostering and enhancing bilateral trade and investment relations between Belgium   and Ghanaian companies.

In this era of globalization and bearing in mind the ongoing COP 27, we need to build up a Green environment by stopping the disruptions to our natural world and review the factors of actual continuities in order to avert further turbulences to climate changes. We should engineer a path out of an ecological disaster and protect ourselves with global projects such as sea defenses including wetland restoration, weather-conscious urban planning, water management, etc.

Whilst celebrating today our King’s Day my thoughts are for an accelerated adaptation, innovation of supply chains, greater biodiversity and clean air.


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