GCB holds Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Ghana Commercial Bank, GCB, has climaxed Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a health-walk in Accra.

According to the Deputy Managing Director, Emmanuel Ordartey Lamptey, the walk is the company’s means of creating awareness of breast cancer and encouraging healthy lifestyles as a way of contributing to the social cause.

“In Ghana, GCB for close to 70 years has been supporting the country’s economic development, and beyond the economic development we have also contributed in various ways toward social development goals – and this is where the celebration we are having today comes in as part of our corporate social responsibility,” he said.

He stated that the company focuses on education, health issues – and recognises the fact that banking is beyond making profit and playing a significant role in the economic sector of our country, but also broadly considers social issues as well.

“With the 2,400 staff we have at GCB spread around the length and breadth off the country, specifically we have 186 branches where we galvanising our teams to contribute toward raising awareness in their homes and various communities,” he stated.

The Deputy Director added that as bank it is not just about making money, but also about supporting social causes like raising awareness around breast cancer.

“Throughout the month of October, we’ve had a lot internal awareness creation activities whereby our staff were educated on breast cancer. This was quite informative and educative for sharing lessons on how we can focus on healthy lifestyles; a walk is one of them, as well as eating healthily. We believe that people are our greatest asset and, yes, when we focus on causes like this we will have a workplace environment that is very strong in terms of our employer value proposition, getting our employees strong and healthy to be able to deliver a superior experience to our customers,” he said

“Even though men are not excluded from the awareness, I would especially expect women to go for regular checkups and also pass on the message that the disease is real.”

Speaking to the Chief Medical Officer of GCB, Dr. Humphrey Narh, he stated that the health walk was meant to sensitise and create awareness on breast cancer and encourage regular screening.

“We, as a bank, thought it wise to also get involved in sensitising women to get screened because early detection always saves lives. At the medical point of view, it is always better to detect not only breast cancer but all forms of cancer early. When you are screened and it is detected in its early stages, you are likely to be treated and become totally free of that disease. We are also walking as a form of exercise to keep fit. This is something we are trying to do once every quarter in the year,” he said.

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