Poetry Corner: The Gazelle


To say l am romantic

May be true

May be semantics

Maybe I am romantic

But the reality is…


Then the moment comes

Then I wait no longer

Then I cry no river

Then I hold a heart closer


Then the moment arrives

Then you dry the tears

Then your hurt cures

Then you hold a heart dear


Then the moment comes

Then your heart fills in my heart

Then yours and mine will be ours

In a moment of enchanted bliss


Now we set sail

Now my Gazelle pops out of the skies

With love in your eyes

And love fills the air

We set sail

We ride on the wings of love

With the first drop in the heart of love

The only blemish on our virgin souls


And drop after drop

I draw closer to your heart

And my heart knew not another

In this wild wide world

I found sweet you


In dreams of ecstasy


I knew not what gem I held

Then I held you to the fiery elements

Then the elements expressed their sentiments

“Love deeper than the ocean”

Then when I hurled you to the sun

You glittered and glistened

Destined to love me

Then I matched you with the moon

You brightened and whitened

Brightened better than the moon’s light

Then when I hauled you before the stars

“Peace be” they exclaimed

Peace be on earth in my heart

And in your heart down on earth

…like the rainbow after the rain


In every beat of my heart

There is a beat for you

The music that makes us dance

In every skip of my heartbeat

There is a spark and a sparkle

That springs in the spring

…for a love from a heartbeat


A love that shows

When you turn around to look at me

A love that flows

When I touch you on the cheek

And call you mine

A love that bows

At the dream of the vows


When I posed the question

There was no need to look into the skies

Love was there in your eyes


The Gazelle

My dearie

Wo aba a tena ase

Watch out!

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