Poetry Corner: Naturally


You think haughty

Nature thinks you are naughty

You sail from the tail

You head for the head

Nature needs you led


Your ego bloats

Nature blows away your ego

You exalt in pride

Nature humbles your pride to fall


You rise from the doldrums

You rise and you fall

And you lament:

“Me ampa ara na me nie?”

“Oh why me?”

What goes up must tumble down

With a thump!


You train a boy a way to go

A boy harvests a way to go

If it was hard at training

Then it’s easy on the field


You run a ball to a wall

You run from a ball from a wall

And you shout:

“Oh God why me?”

What goes round

Always comes round


You deny the portion to the poor

Nature slams the door to your storehouse

You pour out to the poor from your storehouse

Nature pours more into your storehouse

What goes round must be found back


The cow never begets a sow

The mango tree never yields an avocado

This you must know

Before you sow


Your cup overflows

Because you filled their cup

Your wounds heal

Because you healed their hurts

You are comforted

Because you empathized with them


You are all smiles

Because you exported a smile

You reap joy

Because you sowed joy

You stand tall

Because you helped them all to crawl

And to walk


Nature breaks you

If nature’s laws you break

Nature outlaws you

If nature’s laws you ignore

Nature rejects you

If nature’s laws you neglect


Nature hollers

If nature’s laws you forsake

For selfish intent

Nature protests

If nature’s laws you put to the test

Just to impress

Now nature exhorts:

“Ignorance cannot excuse your frequent abuse”


What you sow

Nature grows

Easy it comes

Easy it goes

Harder it comes

Harder it goes


What you reap

That may make you weep

What you reap

That may make you smile

From ear to ear

From year to year

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