So Fraîche Media hosts maiden ‘Art In The City’ exhibition for talented artists 


So Fraîche Media, Africa’s leading media agency, has teamed up with Indelibl Arts and Bambou Events to host a series of art exhibitions, showcasing the work of exciting Ghanaian contemporary artists. The first in the series of exhibitions dubbed: ‘Art In The City’ was held at Level Up Lounge in Labone, Accra on Tuesday.

The collaboration, spearheaded by the Managing Director of So Fraîche Media, Cyril Ofori Nelson, aims to synchronise ideas and resources to help contemporary artists become more entrepreneurial and learn how to build stainable businesses and brands.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nelson said that: “The art industry was a close-knit group with a few people understanding its essence and value”. He attributed it to the high patronisation by diasporans and expatriates.

Mr. Ofori Nelson further intimated: “‘Art In The City’ has been created to make contemporary art more inclusive and fun. There is also an educational element to the art industry we want to expose to guest who often see the art industry as something they can’t relate to”.

The art exhibition seeks to help bridge the gap between art enthusiasts and collectors, art investors and academia while providing opportunities for artists to lay the groundwork for branding, self-awareness and networking.

Indelibl Arts decided to collaborate with So Fraîche Media in order to help the artists get the needed exposure and access to a new market of art collectors and investors.

The founder of Indelibl Art and Accra Art Week, Edwin Otto, stated that: “He is highly encouraged by this partnership as it leverages the expertise of Indelibl Arts, Bambou Events and So Fraîche Media to encourage more engagement within the Ghanaian and African art scene”.

He believes that the combination of Indelible Arts, Bambou Events, and So Fraîche Media will stimulate increased engagement in the Ghanaian and African art scene because of their strong competence on the ground.

Founder for Bambou Events, Tyrone Adu-Mfum, indicated that the idea initially stemmed from the desire to provide a platform for live band musicians to showcase their craft in a bid to support African creatives.

“The zeal to support African Art birthed the ‘Art In The City’ exhibition to create a networking platform for unknown yet talented artists as a pivot for their tremendous work, starting off with Ghanaian artists. What we hope to do is to give them awareness, the eyeballs, give people a chance to meet potential agents,” Mr. Adu-Mfum explained.

The event witnessed the attendance of art enthusiasts and prominent figures such as The Spanish Ambassador to Ghana, Javier Gutiérrez, together with his wife, Rebekah Kosinski. It also brought together West African artist Edward Ofosu and Ghanaian fine artist Mustapha Asomani, with a display of some arts from talented artists. Edwin Otto, founder of Indelibl Arts, was present with Kwaku Osei-Sarpong, West Africa Director, RIFE International; and international artist, Isshaq Ismail.

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