The frozen import business saga a battle among competitors – Hannah Bissiw

Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture in charge of Livestock under the John Mahama-led administration, Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw.

Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture in charge of Livestock under the John Mahama-led administration, Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw, has said the brouhaha about the recent Labianca case is only an issue of competition among importers.

According to her, recent information gathered indicates that it is a plot from some competitors to paint black the image of the Labianca Group of Companies and its Chief Executive Officer, Eunice Jacqueline Buah Asomah-Hinneh.

This, according to the Former Deputy Minister, is an initiative to reduce Ms. Asomah-Hinneh’s chances of continuously importing large quantities of products into the country. She explained that allegations circulating that she once arrested Ms. Asomah-Hinneh are false.

“These are the documents that were given to me, I kept them. If there is any conflict among yourselves, focus on that. I can confidently say that this document was given to me by Francis Owusu. He called Adu Bofuo in my presence, and therefore I heard every conversation they had on the phone,” she said on the Torchlight Show on Neat FM.

Dr. Bissiw indicated that the two people quoted above had plans of involving her in their malicious act to disgrace the Labianca Group of Companies, but she resisted due to her respect for the efforts of others and her faith.

She promised to provide every evidence she has to back up the statement made, should there be anyone who argues against what she has said. She emphasised that during her administration her office did not deal with money, but only ensured that permit issues were resolved properly.

Meanwhile, the Nzema Maanle Council has called on the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, to withdraw the accusation of influence-peddling against the Western regional member of the Council of State on the issue of tax-waivers enjoyed by her company.

The council, in a press statement, said it is discouraged by the supposed attempts to degrade the Chief Executive of Labianca Company’s reputation, despite what they said is evidence that she did not in any way effect favours afforded her company.

The council therefore stated that they resolve to examine all necessary steps to protect the image of the Chief Executive, who is a daughter of their land.

“We would also like to add that as leaders of a community that supports entrepreneurship, hard work and the progress of Nzemamaanle and the Western Region, we have also pushed for fair and transparent business dealings among all businesses – especially businesses owned and managed by our indigenes. Hence, we have always observed and followed the work of Labianca Company Limited over the years.

“First, as a business owned by a native of the Western Region and a female entrepreneur; second as a business that continues to play a key role in the transformation of our communities; and third as a business that always works within the statutes, rules, processes and conventions as laid down for the shipping industry,” the statement said.

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