Why it is important to publish a book


Excuses people give for not publishing:

  •  I don’t have time!
  • I am too young to publish!
  • I am not an expert in anything to publish!
  • I am not a legend!
  • I am not rich!
  • I am not great at writing!
  • When I retire!
  • I’m too old to start!
  • I have got writer’s block!
  • I have no talent!
  •  I don’t know how to get published!

“If you really want it, you will find a way”

Why should you publish?

It is not a surprise that most professionals are busy people who have challenges trying to find the time to squeeze in extra activities. I remember my mentor would say to me: “Great men and women know how to utilise their time no matter the constraints”. He would also add: “People will make time for what is important to them”.

Most corporate, business leaders and brand influencers are always looking for projects that can set their business apart and on top, or boost their brands.

A book is a secret that thought leaders use to grow their business, build their personal brand, establish credibility, share their perspectives, and tell their own stories in their chosen field – directly or indirectly.

Document your journey. Give away everything you have got in terms of content; we are in an era of value. The more you impact your followers, the more dedicated and passionate customers you will have access to.

When I first published my book five years ago, I had no idea how my book would change my life and impact people across the world. My initial goal for writing was to share my story and experience, but the book did so much more than that. It helped advertise me and promote my business and my passion. Courtesy of my book, I closed businesses I never imagined.

I grew up seeing my uncle who was a Chief Executive Officer in the public service write many books, and the benefits he derived from these books. Even though he is retired from the public service, his books are still impacting lives, earning him royalties and reminding people of his relevance and legacy.

This is why, as a business or corporate professional, you should write:

  • Books are ‘business cards’

Most corporate and business professionals know that getting the word out about their business is crucial, especially in the era of competition for attention. Networking and social events are great opportunities for business and corporate professionals to showcase their personal brands and introduce their businesses. It is easy for most published authors to break the ice during networking, social and business events. Giving out your book will give any serious person the attention easily.

Your book will become your business card when you are not present. When you publish a book, it is showcased to the whole world. Anybody from anywhere could pick your book and know you without meeting you.

  • Authority and expert status

It is very likely the people who pick up your book are looking for a credible source to help them solve problems in their professional or personal lives. When your book solves problems, you automatically become credible and an expert.

Publishing a book is a great way of growing your expert status and enhancing your credibility within your market. Generally, most authors are considered experts. When people write books on particular subjects or areas, consumers assume they are experts in that area. It is by no fluke that renowned and astute personalities in sports, entertainment, business, and politics like Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi (Bola Ray), Asamoah Gyan – former captain of Ghana National Football Team the ‘BlackStars’, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, George Andah, and Daniel McKorley have summed up their years of experience in their published books for others to learn, not just from their expert opinions, but experiences as well. Unfortunately they form a small percentage of influencers who have published books in a country where most legends and heroes do not document their life stories, experiences, successes, failures and lessons in ‘black and white’.

Congratulations to ‘Baby Jet’, Asamoah Gyan, for publishing your book.

Your legacy lives on .I pray the book will encourage more people to write now, not when they are old.

The cemetery is full of untold stories and lessons (books).

Being tagged as an expert and credible in your area of business is very helpful for your business and corporate brand. Publishing a book is always an advantage for any corporate or business professional.

How writing a book can benefit your business or career positively:

  • Social networking for business success

Being a published author helps when networking for business success. Whenever I go to a business networking event that isn’t book-related, I always take copies of my books with me. Weeks after the meeting, I get thank you text messages or calls which help to establish great business connections. Kindly note that publishing a book isn’t always about the additional income, but a bigger platform to create avenues for multi-streams of income.

  • Access to a huge network of other professionals.

Becoming a published author connects you to an association of like-minded people who offer you training, mentorship and business opportunities locally and internationally. Joining the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) has connected me to experienced writers and coaches who share their experiences and inspire me. Joining the association has also given me access to local and international markets that support my business.

  • Speaking engagements platforms :

I have known and worked with business owners who were fantastic speakers but couldn’t grow their speaking careers without having a book. The minute they published, however, new and better speaking opportunities came their way. This might not be true for every industry; but in most cases, a book can really enhance a speaking career.

●      A book helps build your reputation and credibility

Once you add the word ‘Author’ in front of your name, everything changes. Suddenly, you stand out from the crowd. You are a recognised expert in your domain, people want to listen to what you have to say. Whether it’s a talk show, or a national level conference on a particular subject, have you noticed how, at least, one member in every panel is an author who would have written a book on the subject being discussed? That is because writing a book cements your status as a credible expert.

  • Consumers don’t like to be sold to

A book is a much better way to leverage and enhance your consumer outreach and interaction. A book, as a business card, is a great reason to publish it and reach out to your consumers without looking like you are forcing a product on them. I have had most of my current customers get in touch with me because they found my book online, or on a shelf and believe I can provide them with solutions to their problems.

Multiple sources of income:

  • Paid speaking engagements

Becoming a published author allows you to have another source of income and earn royalties for life. Publishing a book also helps business and corporate professionals to build other streams of income through speaking engagement because you are a published author with authority, credibility and expertise.

It’s not easy to become a professional paid speaker without a book. People have started speaking careers without books. Of course, most professional speakers eventually write a book or two; and when they do, their speaking fees usually improve.

  • Consultancy

In addition to speaking, many consultants and speakers also conduct ‘group workshops’.

  • Training and development

Most business or corporate professionals who brand themselves well as published authors get companies hiring them to teach their methods to employees and train them.

  • Online courses

If your book solves problems, you can create an advanced version that is delivered as a very rewarding video course.

There are many options for getting your book published; but for the first-timers, I will suggest you hire a professional to take you through the process from beginning to end. If you just can’t make time, or are not great at writing, hire a Ghostwriter. Many good ghostwriters can help you write your dream book without a hustle! Most business and corporate professionals have hired ghostwriters to bring their ideas and concepts to life. Ghostwriters write, you pay them and you take the credit.

Get published today!!!

Delasie is a Consultant, Ghostwriter and Corporate Coach.

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