Delta to unveil new aircraft for exceptional travel experience in November


Delta Air Lines, as it marks 16 consistent years of operations in Ghana, is set to unveil a new aircraft with novel features to give its growing clientele an exceptional travel experience. Effective November 2022, Delta will roll out its new service to continue its quest of delivering nothing but the best service to clients.

Speaking to the B&FT in an exclusive interview, Vice President of Delta for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India (EMEAI), Nicolas Ferri, revealed that the ‘reconfigured airplane’ will present passengers with a dynamic cabin, a very refreshing interior, improved meal service and other exciting additions.

The new service – which comes with a new cabin on the airplane dubbed, Delta Premium Select is between Delta One and economy with differential seat, with improved meal service and personalised service – is in line with Delta’s unwavering commitment to offer travellers with varieties and options to choose from, while connecting the world and making air travel an experience, he said.

“The market is more demanding but also the expectations from Ghanaian travellers are high, so we want to make sure that we are responding to that. So, the big news is having more products. We believe in personalising things as much as possible to allow the customers to choose from what they want,” Mr. Ferri said.

Customer Safety and Care our priority

Commenting on the Delta flight DL9923 incident on July 25, he said: “Delta’s priority is to ensure our customers’ safety at all times alongside delivering the best customer experience.”  He continued: “This particular flight en route from New York-JFK to Accra last month, returned to New York-JFK out of an abundance of caution due to operational reasons. The flight did land safely and our customers deplaned as normal and were supported by our team.  We sincerely apologise to those customers onboard who experienced any inconvenience and delay in their planned travel.”

He added that Delta always takes operational issues seriously and puts the safety and security of its customers and crew first and foremost. In addition, Delta takes all complaints by customers seriously and works to engage with customers directly.

Expansion plans for Africa

Highlighting Delta’s growth plans in Africa, Ferri noted that Delta will also add Cape Town to its list of available destinations in Africa aside Senegal, Ghana, Lagos, and Johannesburg by November 2022.

“The plan for Africa is to continue crystalising what we have. What we want to do is to continue improving and giving the customers options. What I am here to tell you is that the importance of Africa and Ghana in particular to Delta is paramount. It is the region of the world that is growing rapidly. It is one that we have been in for a very long time. And again, it is one that our partners serve well and very deeply,” the vice president added.


Speaking on the airline business, he holds the view that running a successful airline is contingent on having the necessary expertise and values which they can boast. He cites the example of Delta, which has remained in business for almost 100 years in the aviation sector.

He told the B&FT that: “It is a very tough business. It requires a significant amount of capital, where the returns will perhaps not be high at least for a long time. It is a highly complex business and surrounding yourself with experts, people who understand the market and are driven by profit and also value is very important.

“The business is highly interdependent. I think for buying airplanes, everyone can buy, but it is what you do with them, and how you fly them that will differentiate. When you are so lucky to have a brand as we do, it may run for many decades. We believe in differentiating the brand and making sure the customers know you for who you are. In many of our markets, Delta is able to have a premium over other airlines because of our service and network. It is not easy, but from a personal perspective, it is rewarding,” he intimated.


He also praised the alliance it has forged with other airlines, dubbed SkyTeam, and how that has helped the brand reach wider travellers. “I am convinced that Delta will not be where we are today without our partnership, and I would also say the reverse is also true. The reality is we have over 1,200 airplanes and 80,000 employees, it will never be a possibility for Delta to fly everywhere customers want to go,” he said.

In Africa, Delta works closely with Kenya Airways, and he is of the view that the partnership would expand as demand goes up. “Out of Ghana, you have got the Delta codeshare programme to many cities and as Kenya expands, you will see us continue doing that. So that is a good thing. That is a relationship we will want to see expand.”

To Mr. Ferri, the future of aviation looks brighter than it was two years ago when airlines were grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He noted that with travellers and business executives not moving around for almost two straight years, demand has bounced back faster than expected, and with stronger and better partnerships, airlines can meet demand and keep the world moving around again.



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