Public relations in a new era – my viewpoint

Emmanuel Klome, PR Account Executive, GMA

As strategic communication become an integral part of the public relations (PR), marketing and communication ecosystem, the benchmark for work delivered has increased in the world that’s constantly changing. A return to simplicity could be a necessity, both in remembering why we do what we do, and how to effectively reach other stakeholders. The change within the media landscape hasn’t happened in isolation; it has catalysed the evolution of PR.

As storytellers and practitioners, we have seen industry change dramatically and know that impactful and sustainable campaigns rely upon well-informed PR strategies that are led by data and insights.

Consumers used to get their news from newspapers, magazines, and news channels published by the traditional mass media organizations that were able to produce quality content. Now, people mostly discover their news online via social media and news websites that provide real-time notifications and an up-to-date news feed.

the public relations (PR),

Media Relations as PR

On the other hand, media relations are a critical aspect of building trust and nurturing the relationship between an organisation or brand and its target through media players. Media relations refer to the mutually beneficial relationship between journalists and public relations professionals. Which gives PR professionals access to both traditional and digital media platforms to reach their audience.

Forming and maintaining an alliance with the media gives professionals the advantage to set the agenda and shape public opinion concerning their brands. The media remains a part of a potent strategy to push products and services in an increasingly competitive environment.

Importantly, it also gives the power to be able to endure public scrutiny and be in control of value proposition and promise. it might be folly for a company to not treat its relationships with the media seriously. PR professionals recognize the fact that media is its bread and butter, a method to manage and maintain good and healthy relations with media contacts.

The media act as a go-between for a company and its target public. It creates awareness for the organization to form a positive image, influence, or behaviour from the chosen audience.

It remains critical to induce coverage for the organization, be it in print, online or electronic media. Not only media relations cost-effective, but it is also an important part of business practice in stakeholder management.

Social Media as Digital PR

Also, the growth of social media and advances in information technology has placed in the hands of ordinary people, the ability to transmit, share and broadcast their opinions to even wider audiences. Beyond that, communication professionals have found social media to be a valuable tool for disseminating message to their audience.

This means they all rely heavily on elements of social and digital media, content, and design and they all need to report back to senior stakeholders on the value they’re adding to the business. That means that now PR has expanded to cover tactics and activities that might previously have fallen outside of the traditional definition of PR. This is a huge development in the PR industry and can have a major impact on the success of your business.

Customer Service as PR

To end, client service has a component of PR. Each purpose of contact an organisation has with its customers, has the potential to either build loyalty or produce discontentedness. Client Service works higher once integrated with Public Relation.  Meanwhile, establishment invests tons in building a complete name, making a content promoting strategy, and turning into a trade thought leader however it’s time they placed worth on PR as on customers.

Because, if a sad client is left disgruntled, those investments can be wasted. In today’s digital age, a dissatisfied client who has access to social media can generally use their phones to share their frustration. A decent PR can facilitate uncover the service issues that client service cannot fix. To be prospering, digital techniques should be integrated with a lot of ancient techniques like print, broadcast, and email promoting as a part of multichannel promoting communications.

>>>the writer is a PR Account Executive at Global Media Alliance

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