Study Abroad: UK’s York St. John University partners Astolinks International for education fair in Ghana


York St. John’s University, a reputable higher educational institution in the United Kingdom, has partnered Astolinks International to provide a step-by-step detailed information to Ghanaian students seeking to further their education in the UK.

Astolinks International is a Ghanaian firm that provides services on overseas education, travel and immigration consultancy to students who are looking for the opportunity to study in the UK to acquire relevant skills that will improve their future career and educational goals.

In an interview with the CEO of Astolinks International, Richard Assuming, he explained that the UK has excellent reputation in teaching and research therefore securing an academic qualification from the UK in this global competitive world will distinguish you from others.

He noted that education in the UK doesn’t just give academic knowledge but also provides an opportunity to acquire hands-on skills which is needed in today’s industries. He said apart from this, graduates are able to secure a post-study work permit so they can work, make some money and come back home to establish themselves. It also offers them to create an opportunity for Ghanaians who may not have the same opportunity.

Mr. Assuming added that “So we are here purposely to create this awareness for Ghanaians and let people know that the U.K is a fantastic destination for higher education with a conducive environment and a qualification from the UK is well respected. If you get a qualification from the UK and you travel to any part of the world, it’s highly recognized. They’ve got programmes in healthcare, management, computer science, business, arts and education.”

Currently, York St. John is introducing public health, cyber security and computer science education. These courses are amongst the numerous ones that make it easier for graduates to find employment in the UK as well as when they return to Ghana.

Mr. Assuming added that the criteria for selecting students is opened and purely based on academic qualification. “So once you’ve got a degree from Ghana like a bachelor’s degree and although this particular university does not accept third class, there are schools in the UK that do and we at Astrolinks help link you to these schools so you can gain admission to study in the UK. So whatever degree you have, come to us and we will counsel you. Even if you have an HND, we can still help you get a top-up program and Diploma in Education, nursing and midwifery.

On his part, Professor Robert Mortimer, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Transfer of York St. John University noted that the aim of the fair is to encourage more Ghanaian students to study in the UK because “apart from the opportunities, we also want you to be a part of a global culture. We’ve got students from all over the world who are studying with us and we want to show them that when they get the qualifications they can come back to Ghana. There are lots of opportunities in Ghana and from little research done Ghanaians are one of the two African countries in the world that have very great return to home country rates.

Professor Mortimer revealed that students can apply for a work visa now in the UK and can work for two years before returning home. He emphasised that apart from academic excellence, York St. John University is centred on social justice and inclusion. “What makes us stand out is our stands for social justice. The university was originally set up to teach women to become teachers to address an injustice in the world as of the time of establishment but now, all of our research and teachings aims at ending injustices and encouraging inclusion in every sphere.”

In an interview with one of the students, he explained that his decision to study at the York St. John’s University was fuelled by the affordable nature of the school’s fees. He also mentioned that the application process was short and swift.

He said: “I heard about York University through a friend of mine and applying there has been worth it. I have had admission and I’ll be going to school next semester. It was very easy for me especially with the help of Astolinks. I will advise that even though it’s as easy to apply to York St. John University, it will be much easier if you use Astolinks as your agent as they offer counselling and guidance. They even direct you on the right course to choose for your future aspirations as some of us were going to choose some courses just because they were available.”

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