Play review: Christmas in May – a timely lesson in child trafficking

Globe Production

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching one of Latif Abubakar’s plays ‘Christmas in May’, which was beautifully performed at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC). At first glance for the second show, the conference centre had a full capacity as on the night of a Champions League final match.

The beautiful set was designed by Selorm Dotsi Kudiabor to depict life on the street, specifically a bus stop, and was created completely out of the script writer’s idea.

Inside the beautiful set, a wonderful ensemble of stage actors.  The play from the onset gave a straightforward idea to the audience of how three wonderful friends were struggling on the street but with strong hope of making it in life.

With the strong hopes of these friends making it, especially in another country, they were deceived by one businessman with a promise of a good job to enable them to live a better life. These friends Kofi, Obaa Latif and Arthur were almost lured into an unhealthy business – ‘Child Trafficking’.

On the same street where these friends were hustling, was a man who presented himself as a mad man only for them to later realise that he was a very rich man who had been diagnosed with cancer.

To the surprise of the three, he decided to help them live a better life. He threw a party for them; this is when they had chicken and wine for the first time in a while – marking the beginning of a better life for them. This was a Christmas to them, not in the usual season, but in May.

The play, which is one of the best and most interesting stage plays, showcases the economic situation of a country which has left the youth to jump into unhealthy businesses.

Performed alongside with music, it connected the audience to the play. The response from the audience tells it all that indeed ‘Christmas in May’ is an interesting play that everyone would like to watch over and over again.

Each actor on the stage put out an exceptional performance, thrilling the audience with an unending laughter and at some part, awakening the love stories of some audiences. Every actor gave out the best to actually tell the story in a grand style. In addition, the costumes at every transition clearly added a special tone to the play and revealed the state of the characters, and this complemented each other. Credit to Globe Production for putting out such a good play.

About Globe Production

Globe Production is a production company with focus on theatre and events. With a major focus in theatre development, the company has written plays on social issues to make an impact on the community as a way of contributing to the development of the country.

As pacesetters in the theatre industry, Globe Production has about 17 plays to their credit, and has performed 79 times. Among some of the plays includes; Something Must Kill a Man, Judas and Delilah, Men Don’t Die, Bring Back our Rights, among others.

The company was the first to have a virtual play on COVID-19 during lockdown, and also the first to organise a commercial open-air theatre in the country. Globe Production is also involved in other events like the Ghana CEO Vision and Awards, Ghana Business Summit, Exhibition and Awards, Ghana Journalist Awards, Ghana International Petroleum Conference, among others.

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