Axis Pension Trust hosts workshop on the new investment guidelines


Axis Pension Trust, a leading private pension provider in Ghana, has hosted Trustees of leading pension funds in a Roundtable Discussion under the theme ‘The New Investment Guidelines: Implications for Pension Funds and Trustees’.

The event took place on May 20, 2022 in Accra, and brought together over 60 participants including Trustees from leading pension funds, Fund Managers, Representatives of the National Pension Regulatory Authority, Employer Representatives and Custodian Banks.

As suggested by the theme, this meeting shed more light on the new investment guidelines introduced by the National Pension Regulatory Authority (NPRA) last year. The meeting featured presentations on Strategic Asset Allocation within the New Investment Guidelines and the New Fund Structure.

Additionally, a case study of Axis Pension and its extensive experience managing pension funds through a constituent fund structure was presented to attendees to demonstrate practical implementation of the guidelines. Finally, an interactive panel discussion was held to touch on a cross-section of implementation requirements and further engage stakeholders on other related issues.

Among the key introductions to the investment guidelines for pension funds, a floor on risky asset (variable income securities) investment has been set through the four constituent funds, namely: aggressive, moderately aggressive, moderately conservative and conservative portfolios.

The insights shared at the event answered questions raised by introduction of the guidelines, including: Why these new constituent funds? and What other introductions are Trustees expected to implement under the new guidelines? This is expected to provide Trustees with relevant insights on the guidelines and add value in the discharge of Trustees’ fiduciary responsibilities in overseeing pension assets.

Axis Pension Trust strongly believes in the power of stakeholder engagement in promoting successful implementation of initiatives, and the new NPRA guidelines are not an exception.

The new guidelines’ objective is to ensure safety of and fair return on pension fund assets. In addition, the guidelines seek to create an environment that enables pension funds to impact positively on the Ghanaian economy.

In his presentation, Paa Kofi Ankomah – General Manager of Axis Pension Trust – acknowledged that Axis Pension’s years of pension policy advocacy to ensure retirement income security for its clients has paid off, as some of its policy proposals have been incorporated into the new Investment guidelines for pension funds in Ghana.

He assured participants of Axis’ unwavering commitment to guide and support trustees with implementing the new guidelines for their respective pension funds.

Licenced and regulated by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Axis Pension Trust is a leading corporate trustee in Ghana offering retirement savings solutions and administration services, with a core objective of making pension provision painless for employers while assuring for scheme members.

With its retirement savings offerings and educational interventions, Axis Pension Trust aims to inspire workers to achieve financial peace of mind.

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