Poetry Corner: The Neutral Servant

Poetry Corner

I am a willing national servant

Born and bred to serve

Always compliant

Never defiant

I am a natural servant

Neutrally aligned

Nationally opined

Centrally inclined

I am nurtured never to swerve

Either to the right or to the left

Never nurtured for a neutrality compensation


I teach one and all

The bright and the dull

The boy and the girl

I teach all

The Sciences and the Math

The Elective and the Core

I teach all day


I was taught to serve

To train

To monitor

To mentor

So need I a further feather in my cap?

Ought I seek a neutrality payment?


I nurse one and all

Whether in the outpatients

Or at the emergency halls

I commence from the diagnosis

To proceed with the prognosis

I nurse all

Even for many in their crises

I nurse them all

From an endemic state

To when a pandemic rages

From the benign to the malignant

From the curable to the chronic

I nurse all

With no eye jaundiced by prejudice

I am fairly neutral, naturally

So must I be remunerated, neutrally?


I have a policing job

An avowed foe of the lawbreaker

But a real ally of the law keeper

I have a policing job

To battle any who may kill to rob

I have a policing duty

To stop all nefarious activity

I am a neutral cop

I am their friendly cop

A friend I will be till I drop

I am separated so to serve

I keep my policing job

Without any neutrality top up


I soldier on

I never stand down

I ever stand by the oath

To protect the demarcated borders

To defend against disgruntled aggressors

I soldier on

When war breaks

I endure the long haul

In the barracks

I enjoy the peaceful lull

I soldier on

I am segregated so to serve

I will soldier on

Without any neutrality additions


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