Have you heard? A philosopher’s intelligent approach to life

Leadership is a skill

Each day of my life, I learn a lot from people: the educated and uneducated, the rich and poor, the stars and starlets, the big and small, the movers and shakers of our society, etc. Indeed, life is a learning process and one of the arts of learning is through the process of observation. Quietness and deep thoughtful scrutiny of issues before passing a comment are the anchors of the wise. The next time you hear of any issue, subject your faculty unto critical thinking and proper observation before responding to the issue.

Learn to be balanced in your persuasions and never take sides especially with issues that demand deeper attention. I prefer being neutral to taking sides. I analyse issues of greater concern from an intellectual, social, economic, and spiritual backgrounds. It is wiser to take decision not based on what people say but what you seem right after hours or weeks of close examination. Challenges in life should cause us to do proper introspection and weigh them from a broader perspective. And where we are wrong, wisdom demands a quick change of heart. In other words, an immediate change in our way of life sets the pace for maturity.

Many years ago, my father gave me a word of wisdom that, “the reason why we have two ears, two eyes, two hands, and two legs is for our equal balance and analysis. So, whenever you hear of any news, don’t be too quick to speak, act or offer an immediate judgement. Subject the news to deeper analysis before giving out your recommendation. A situation where you have no answer, quietness can be a great weapon.” Yes. That is the secret of the wise!

Many have ruined their marriages, business empires, colleges, ministries, relationships with good people and have finally lost greater opportunities in life because of impatience and lack of in-depth analysis of issues. In fact, that is the error of hasty conclusion. An immature decision never leads any headway. On the other hand, when you are confused over a decision, the call for the counsel of the matured is necessary. Make time then to weigh issues from a bigger picture.

Ask yourself if what you hear from people is out of bitterness or hatred. If it is based on the latter, you better be careful. However, if the substance of the matter is factual, intelligently handle it without beating about the bush. Be bold to tell people when they are wrong and ask them to respectfully apologize where necessary. Don’t shield wrong doers because of the benefits you receive from them. You never become honest and fulfilled in life if you continuously bury the truth and defend evildoers. Wisely declare your position in every situation, regardless of what people think about you. Once your conscience tells you is right, you don’t need the approval of other imbalanced people.

Life is indeed a puzzle. We need to discover to recover truth. Life in general calls for deeper flow mode thinking in understanding the events and processes which characterize our existence.

In handling issues in life, learn to separate personalities from the crust of the matter(issue). Each human personalities are uniquely, unique therefore, there cannot be equal personalities, no matter how identical they may be. Each individual is different and our approach to life is different. On the contrary, issues must be the most important lens to reconsider. Emotionalism does not lead in solving problems. Sensationalism does not end crises. With the right frame of mind, and an open heart, problems in life can easily be solved from a more mature and incisive manner.

Today, when people gossip about others to you, subject your thinking into in-depth analyses and not quickly taking sides because of your closeness with such a person. Remember that “people who gossip to you about others, gossip about you to others also.” Be bold to defend the truth and where falsehood rules in a community, stand to speak your mind in a more persuasive manner. That is the power of wisdom!

The writer is an Academic, Visiting Lecturer, Leadership Consultant and a Reverend Minister with WordSprings City Church, Kumasi –Ghana.

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