Voltic constructed boreholes bring great relief to two communities

Voltic constructed boreholes bring great relief to two communities

Two farming communities in the Eastern Region have received a lifeline of reliable water after Voltic (GH) Limited, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), commissioned mechanised boreholes in each community for the public use.

In Anoff, one of the beneficiary farming communities with about 4000 population, the new borehole will save children from having to cross the road to fetch water, which in the past has resulted in some of them being knocked down.

Meanwhile Fotobi, which also received a borehole, is a farming community of about 5000 people, known for commercial production of pineapple and tomatoes. Both are part of the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality in the Eastern Region.

Managing Director, Voltic Gh Limited, Flora Jika, encouraged community members to look after the water supply and ensure a good maintenance culture for the facility. In addition, she urged them to be mindful of keeping a clean environment and be good ambassadors by assisting with plastic recycling.

“As part of Coca-Cola’s sustainability initiative, we are passionate about helping communities where we operate with safe water to eradicate waterborne diseases. However, its maintenance starts and ends with us.

Let us always make sure the taps are closed after use so that we can have this borehole well-kept for years to come. We also have ongoing recycling drives and I would like to encourage you to manage plastic waste properly,” she said.

Touching on the significant role Voltic has played in the water resources management and supply sector across the country over the years, she said: “We are leaders in using water responsibly in our operations and giving it back. As part of the Coca-Cola system, we continue to manage water resources through projects that reduce water use in our operations, protect local water resources and provide safe, clean drinking water to communities in need.”

The local chief of Fotobi, Nana Osae Kofi II, said the community was grateful for the borehole because they have had to rely on a stream and other unhealthy water sources during the dry season.

“Cows and other animals also drink from it and this has exposed us to waterborne diseases and more, but today, that will no longer happen and it’s all thanks to Voltic. We will do our very best to maintain this valuable resource,” Nana Osae II, stated.

In similar vein, Chief of Anoff, Mankrado Annoma, said: “I am happy that Voltic has come to our aid because lack of water has resulted in our children getting knocked down by cars because of the busy road. I sincerely thank the Voltic team for their help.”

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