Wheel of life series with Lady Sam: Manifest your visions

Wheel of Life Series with Lady Sam: Have faith – your ice-cream van is coming

A dream board, which can also be referred to as a vision board, or a mood board, is just a visual representation of the dreams or goals that one wishes to achieve. Vision boards are normally full of images, words and pictures which depict the future that one wishes to attain. More importantly, vision boards serve as a great source of motivation and can inspire people to follow their desires.

The images, on a vision board, can create a physical connection and provoke people to want to achieve what they see ahead of them. The images, are sourced from different places, such as magazines, newspaper clippings and even the internet. A vision board or dream board cannot be effective if it is not put in a place that it can be seen daily. It is the daily focus of, or the seeing of the pictures which incites action, this practice is what makes it tangible.

Quite simply, vision boards help people to imagine what their future can look like, it really helps to keep people positive about their prospects. Vision boards helps one to prioritise, it helps one set direction, it certainly helps one to focus and it can help one to manage their goals, albeit in a creative way.

As I have mentioned before, people like Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce have been known to use vision boards, even Steve Harvey has proclaimed the power of manifesting your goals through using a vision board. In Psalm 20:4 it says that may he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed. It is good to have a plan. It is even better to keep God in the centre of your plans like it says in Proverbs 16:3.

It is good to have the clear distinction between your personal and professional goals, even in terms of how the images are mapped out as a cluttered board can lead to a cluttered experience. The bottom line is that, to experience the life that one has dreamt of, then tools like vision boards can help achieve that, added with a daily dose of prayer.

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