#OutstandingBrands2022: Sani Properties Affordable Eco-Friendly Homes—a Model for Innovative Housing

Sani Properties Investments Limited
Lord Ibrahim Sani, CEO-Sani Group

Sani Properties Investments Limited (SPIL) is a subsidiary of the Sani Group. SPIL is a diverse property company encompassing all facets of property from commercial sales and leasing to residential property, industrial property sales, property asset management, property investments, and the development and construction of eco-friendly properties. Sani Properties Investments is the leader in affordable, fast to construct, and luxurious homes and properties globally.

‘What started as a lofty concept of healing a wound in the ground and regenerating the surrounding nature, has now manifested itself as an affordable green apartment suitable for any commercial and residential use,’ Sani Properties Investments overreaching ambition is to create something that exceeds a conventional neighborhood and breaks with traditional housing technologies.’

‘One of the simplest and most creative ways of repurposing plastic is using it to create ecobricks for construction. We believe our innovation will be an important catalyst for creating cohesion in the environment. Furthermore, we believe that our eco-friendly homes can be a model for innovative and sustainable housing development as we have taken the lead and, in that way, we can reduce plastic pollution in our environment. not only in Ghana but throughout the African continent,’ says Lord Ibrahim Sani, CEO-Sani Group.

Sani Properties Investments Eco-friendly homes made from plastic bricks and green building materials illustrate multiple environmental, economic, and social benefits arising from the transition towards energy-efficient and sustainability. These eco-homes have a lifespan of over 400years, 70 times stronger than concrete brick homes. The architectural design and materials

used allow for good heat insulation. With this technology, (2) two or (3) three-bedroom apartments can be constructed in 7days including, basic fittings.

Each eco-friendly property has a contemporary, sophisticated feel and offers owners the finest state-of-the-art finishing. The spacious living areas use light-toned color schemes, with good ventilation allowing sunlight to stream into the apartments.

Beyond the attention to detail to be found in every property we develop, the houses or properties have the advantage of longevity and providing the perfect space for comfort. It is affordable, fast to construct, and luxurious.

Sani Properties defines an ideal home as a dwelling that blends harmoniously with the natural environment as opposed to polluting it and depleting its resources. The materials used for the property projects are a top priority.

‘In many ways, Sani Properties Investments seeks to create affordable but durable homes for low-income to middle-income families. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the housing deficit in Africa by 70% (percent) in the next 10years. With this, we create a better livelihood for everyone that dreams of owning a property. With as little as ¢85, 000 you can own a home in a week. We have other payment options for those who will need assistance. Just talk to us on 0599525225says Daniel Peprah, Operations Director – Sani Group

Daniel Peprah, Operations Director – Sani Group

With over a decade of experience in real estate consultancy, development, and sales, we have acquired an excellent reputation that is built on trust and commitment to our work. We have since become a global property investment firm with footprints in four (4) continents; America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Across the globe, we are in these locations: New York, New Jersey, Dubai, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Ghana. Our services are with a professional touch. Our staffs are well-equipped in all aspects of our business.

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