#OutstandingBrands2022: Conciv Engineering Limited – a trusted brand for construction works

#OutstandingBrands2022:  Conciv Engineering Limited – a trusted brand for construction works

Many have lamented over construction companies’ failing ability to properly meet infrastructure demands, and other inefficiencies such as delays, poor quality work, cost overruns, use of substandard materials and neglect of safety requirements.

But a construction brand one can trust for quality work, professionalism, aptness and satisfaction is no other than Conciv Engineering Limited.

Conciv Engineering Limited is a civil engineering firm that provides clients with construction services which include but not limited to building design (plan), cost estimation, building construction, project management, project supervision, land sales amongst other construction services.

With the quest to provide efficient and high-quality construction services to private, public, and international institutions, Conciv is made up of a team of carefully selected professionals who are trained to carry out their duties with speed, excellence, and most importantly, a client focused approach.  The team is dedicated to providing superior services and is grounded in their philosophy of honesty and integrity.

Established in Ghana on September 9, 2015, under the name Conciv Engineering Services, the company was later incorporated as a private limited liability company on March 12, 2018 to bridge the infrastructural gap between the urban and rural regions of the country.

Chief Executive Officer of Conciv Engineering, Edem Kwasi Senaya, in an interview said: “the firm was birthed due to complaints that most working-class builders tend to spend so much on their building projects without actually experiencing the value of what they expect.

We have realized that most uncompleted buildings in the cities were due to improper planning of projects and also because most clients do not get to know the actual cost of their buildings and therefore couldn’t complete it along the way.  In order to prevent this, Conciv provides clients with an estimate before the start of the project.

This can be done by having a building design that many people in the country shy away from since the relevance of having building plans seemed very abstract. What we do at Conciv is to provide clients with free building designs. We do this by charging clients for the design work and refunding it when the contract is given to us making it free for our clients. Also, we encourage clients to work around their budget by going in for building designs they can afford.  We strive to always meet clients’ satisfaction by bringing quality and affordability to bear. The quality of our works speaks for themselves

Conciv Engineering Limited was set up to work with integrity, truth, and honesty. Over the years, it has worked for clients who were not in the country but came to see their houses completed.”

What makes Conciv Engineering an outstanding brand?

For the CEO, the Conciv brand is distinguished by its consistency in delivering on its core mandate of providing building engineering services that are of high quality and affordability based on sound engineering principles. It also maximizes the use of building materials thereby reducing wastages and reducing the overall cost of projects.

“We are a top-notch private Civil Engineering and Building Construction Company dedicated to providing building and infrastructural designs and projects of the highest quality to our customers.

At Conciv, we believe in professionalism, integrity, quality services, and creativity. This has been the driving force pushing the company to its current height. And we still keep soaring higher in the world of construction. Our greatest competitive advantage is the experience and passion of our people. We are motivated to achieve the elements needed to provide project success and build structures that will leave a lasting impression on our clients,” he said.

The company pride itself in the variety of services it renders to clients. These services include civil work and building construction, building designs, road construction, renovations, tiling, concrete flooring, project management, painting, plumbing, and electrical works. It believes in a world where there is affordable but quality housing for all.

Looking into the future

Its mission is to become the number one construction and infrastructure development company in Ghana, a national player who safely, profitably, and sustainably delivers best-in-class integrated services, products, and solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Conciv’s outlook for 2022

“2022 is a promising year for us here at Conciv as we are going to introduce more products onto the market. Last year, we introduced the model one-bedroom house that cost only US$22,500 to complete from the main construction through to finishes as well as fixing of necessary fixtures.

This year we are going to introduce our model two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses that will come at affordable prices. This will help a lot of upcoming families get a place of their own. Conciv aids clients to secure litigation-free lands by taking steps to conduct all due diligence and research on lands that we secure for our clients. We also hope to increase our customer base this year,” the CEO said.

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