Emelia Arthur brings new song ‘Osoro Abue’

Emelia Arthur brings new song ‘Osoro Abue’

Emelia Arthur tries very much to create a viable balance between her singing career and being a Made-In-Ghana Ambassador and what’s trending about her for now is the new song she’s about to release on February 10.

Called ‘Osoro Abue’, it’s a big step forward for the singer who first emerged on the gospel music scene here in 2014. The seven-minute track has her tasking all her vocal abilities to send out a strong message of faith in the God she worships.

After her maiden eight-track album called ‘Kyere Me Kwan’ which featured Esther Smith and OJ, Emelia Arthur also released ‘Too Loaded’ in 2018. She regularly does church ministration also.

Shadrack Yawson recorded and mixed this new song at his Wavebox Studios, Kwashieman in Accra. The singer secured the services of some of the best instrumentalists in Ghana and they helped to make it a truly rousing piece.

Instrumentalists who played on ‘Osoro Abue’ were Kuuku Ansong (horns); Dan Grahl (bass); Shadrack Yawson (keyboards); Dominic Quachie (guitar) and Emmanuel Bludo (drums). There’s precise, tasteful playing throughout the piece. Ruth Adjei did backing vocals.

The song shows Emelia Arthur in her best light as a singer. She’s definitely matured over the last eight years that she’s been singing and that is felt in how she deftly handles the high and low pitches she employs in the song.

She ensures she tows an absolutely Biblical line in her lyrics since gospel music is all about what the singer propounds with her words. One sees through what she sings that certain passages in the Bible were heavily on her heart as she composed the song.

Careful listening reveals the singer definitely considered verses including Isiah 54:17; Matthew 16:19 and Zechariah 2:8 for inspiration for the track. Those verses refer to believers overcoming any kind of evil machinations against them because God has given them keys of the kingdom of heaven and whoever touches them touches the apple of His eye.

Emelia Arthur rides on the assurances from those passages to warn negative people to stay away from God’s own and motivates the faithful to keep on the righteous course and fight the good fight.  ‘Osoro Abue’ is definitely a pointer to Emelia Arthur’s fans that she’s still actively singing about the gospel of Jesus Christ and has some thrilling stuff up her sleeves.

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