Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostics Centre opens COVID-19 testing facility

Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostics Centre opens COVID-19 testing facility
Director of Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre, Kwadwo Poku

Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre has officially opened its office in Accra to offer COVID-19 testing through the use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to help in the fight against the pandemic.

The Centre, which is poised to serve clients, is set to deliver the quickest PCR detection of SARS-COV-2 through the use of new technology and science available.

Former Director for Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, Professor Abraham Anang, delivering his speech emphasised the need for the health systems in the country to have the necessary infrastructure so as to be equipped to provide quality services to the people.

According to him, strengthening and growing the capacity of health systems do not rest on government alone but has to be done through the involvement of private sector actors who are ready to make changes happen.

“The important thing I have learnt is we need to strengthen our health system; we need to broaden the base for the capacity to deliver effective quality health care and these can only be achieved not only by expanding government’s ability to do it. Government of course has to systematically expand its abilities.

Because for a nation even like Ghana, the population will keep on increasing, so you can’t keep health services at a certain capacity for too long but we need to expand this capacity especially through innovative health financing and through private enterprise partnership,” he said during the grand opening of Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre.

He added that there is the need to find a way of using the testing capacities that have been established, stating that Lanbell is one of them.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre, Vida Bannah, stressing on the negative impact of COVID-19 stated that: “one of the greatest challenges of our time is COVID-19 pandemic. It has ravaged millions of lives and has caused great economic burden to government across the globe. In addition, it has made covering of our beautiful faces important for survival.”

She emphasized that the virus is rapidly evolving to overtake scientific solutions such as vaccination, adding that the recent discovery of the new variant, Omicron, few days in Ghana suggest that the basic personal hygiene protocols must be seriously practiced to guarantee survival in this perilous situation.

Lanbell will, in March 2022, begin running all forms of test at the Centre while looking forward to having branches and sample collection points at the various regional capitals.

About Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre

Lanbell Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre is currently a COVID- 19 testing laboratory that aims at providing fast, reliable, and quality detection of SARS COV2 using state-of-the art Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

It is operated by Arab International Laboratories which has its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt and operates globally in more than 10 countries including Poland and Nigeria, adhering to quality standards in accordance with ISO standards 9001:2015.


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