Maiden edition of World Junkanoo Festival launched

Maiden edition of World Junkanoo Festival launched
  • …slated for March 2022

The maiden edition of the famous Junkanoo Festival notable among the Bahamians has been launched in Accra to put a spotlight on the country’s culture and heritage. This is to also bridge the Caribbean to Africa and draw lovers of Carnival to the country to witness the better heritage that has been established in the country.

According to the Executive Director and International Relations person for the Junkanoo Festival, Vincent Boakye, the idea was conceived through an inspiration that was received through a publication in a newspaper. He said this moved him to travel to Bahamas to participate in their festival and through that history revealed that it originated from Ghana.

Stressing on the importance of the festival he said: “it is a very bigger tourism product and my main motivation is for us to consolidate the ‘Year of Return’ and after the return. Junkanoo has come to stay and it’s going to be an annual programme and we believe we can reach a lot of people from the Diaspora.”

The Junkanoo Festival is set to take place next year around 3 – 10 March if the COVID-19 cases recorded declines. There is much expectation from the people of Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Jamaica among others. Also, musicians and masqueraders will also come to support the festival to make it a successful one. The Junkanoo Festival will be celebrated every year in the country.

Mr. Boakye is hopeful that the future looks bright as experience will be gained to build up on the subsequent ones and will also be able to propagate the story to a larger audience. He further stated that the Junkanoo Festival will breathe more life and cause a boost to the tourism industry in the country.

The Junkanoo Festival will not only be stationed at one part of the country but will be moving from one city to the other. Some of the towns are Cape coast, Kumasi, Assin, especially the slaves’ dotted areas. The Junkanoo Festival will also be in so many forms of activities like a book presentation, conferences, and musical section among others.


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