“Proper handwashing saves lives” – PZ Cussons

“Proper handwashing saves lives” – PZ Cussons

As part of the Global Handwashing Day celebrations, PZ Cussons Carex in partnership with The Ghana Medical Association and TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful, has educated drivers and commuters of the 37 lorry station in Accra on the need for proper handwashing practice for good personal hygiene as well as a measure to fight the COVID-19 disease.

Every year, PZ Cussons marks Global handwashing Day with various CSR activities led by the Carex brand.

In an interview with the Marketing Manager, PZ Cussons, Mary-Ann Boaten, she noted that the theme for Global Handwashing Day 2021 “Our future is at hand, lets move forward together” embraces the need to still practice hand hygiene post pandemic.

According to her, when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Ghanaians picked up the habit of hand hygiene, particularly the use of Hand wash and Sanitizers, more frequently. However, with the recent decline in COVID-19 cases and the introduction of Vaccines, handwashing has been less of a personal priority than other COVID-19 prevention measures as adherence is not always as visibly obvious. Hence the need to constantly remind and educate more people on the importance of practicing handwashing in their daily activities.

“PZ Cussons Carex has always championed hand hygiene and believes that every person should be able to live their lives without fear of diseases. That is why we saw the need to visit and demonstrate the best way for proper handwashing techniques to the public at the 37-lorry station in Accra”, she added.

Commuters were also provided free Carex hand sanitizers and other products of the PZ Cussons brand.

Madam Boaten noted that PZ Cussons believes that teaching and reminding the general public the need to maintain the habit of hand hygiene even after the pandemic will go a long way in preventing further outbreaks.

Dr Martina Abakah Turkson, a doctor and member of the Ghana Medical Association demonstrated to the public the most effective way of handwashing with soap and explained the benefits of handwashing with soap under running water.

Dr Turkson noted that it is important to practice safe and proper handwashing. She also advised all present to see the need to educate other colleagues, friends and family members who were not on the importance of handwashing.

She, together with some of the drivers and commuters, practiced the seven steps pf proper handwashing which included rubbing the soap in the palms, washing in between the fingers from the back of the palms, rubbing in between the fingers, washing the finger nails in a circular motion in one palm, washing the thumb and washing the wrists.

This practice, she said, should be repeated on both hands. “The procedure may look long however, with consistent practice, it becomes very easy and you won’t even have to memorise the steps anymore. It will become a part of you and that is why we are advocating that there is the need to constantly wash our hands with soap under clean running water”, said Dr Turkson.

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