Wheel Of Life Series with Lady Sam

Wheel of life Series with  Lady Sam: Make an impact

Still winning at work        

It is good to work towards big goals i.e., opportunities, but that should not be the main focus. There are many small milestones that happen in a given week or month which are also worth celebrating. Remembering that these smaller milestones are the things that can lead to the bigger opportunities. You don’t need to wait for a promotion before you start to shine, in fact, you actually need to shine first before you are recognized or promoted.  Find some pointers below on how you can win at work leading you to better opportunities.

Start off with the difficult tasks first.

Don’t put off difficult tasks, some people prefer to tackle the more difficult item on the list of things to do first, this is because it means that the rest of the day will be easier to manage. Therefore, instead of leaving difficult tasks to the end try and rather start off the day with the difficult task and get things out of the way.

Lift Yourself Up

You have to find a way to keep yourself motivated because you spend most of your waking hours at work. Do not be the person that dreads going into work in the morning and count the hours till closing, that is a sad waste of valuable time.

Keep A Note of Positive Feedback.

Keep a note of all the positive feedback that you have received whether from your colleagues, bosses, peers or clients. It is important to remind yourself of the times when your client or colleague praises you for a job well done. If you have to, write down the positive feedback you receive and say it aloud, like an affirmation.

Contribute to Discussions

You have been hired for a reason, there has been value that has been seen in you, that is why you have the position as opposed to someone else. Whenever there are meetings that you have been invited to (where appropriate) make it a point to ask questions or contribute what you know to the conversation, speaking up is a valuable opportunity to be heard and recognized.

Presenting to Others

If you are someone that whenever you have to do a presentation in front of others your leg turns to jelly because you get so nervous, then why not practice in front of a few? Practice makes perfect, (even if it’s just a couple of people) being careful about the people you choose to give you feedback, can make the world of difference. So why not try it, do a practice run, get the advice because you will feel like it is a weight lifted off your shoulder after all that preparation.




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