Customer Service Week should be more than fancy dressing and candies – Halm

J. N. Halm

Service experience consultant, J. N. Halm has decried the practice of employees just dressing up in fancy attire as a way of celebrating customers during the annual Customer Service Week. He said giving customers candies during the week without a corresponding change in the quality of service was quite unfortunate. He said the main recipient of customer service week should be customers and so the week should be used to ensure that front line employees are well-equipped to give customers the best experience even after the week was over.

Mr. Halm further added that it was important for organisations to bring attention to the need for good customer service but it was more important that organisations go beyond just the festivities.

The award-winning author made those pronouncements during a discussion with Kafui Dey, co-host of the GTV Breakfast Show on Wednesday, 6th October, 2021. Mr. Halm was on the Show to promote his upcoming book titled “Service Sins”.

The first week of October every year has now become widely accepted in Ghana as Customer Service Week, following a tradition which began in the United States almost four decades ago.  In Ghana, employees of many organisations, especially banks, use the week to attire themselves on specific themes each day as well as offer giveaways as a way of celebrating their customers.

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