Palgrave Boakye-Danquah wins Millennium Youth Impact Award

Palgrave Boakye-Danquah wins Millennium Youth Impact Award

The Executive Director of Kandifo Institute, Palgrave Boakye-Danquah, has received the Best Policy Think-Tank award on behalf of the institute. The award was presented to Mr. Boakye-Danquah by Youth Leadership Parliament during the Millennium Youth Impact Awards, which took place at the University of Ghana Law Faculty last week.

Youth Leadership Parliament presented a citation in honour of Mr. Boakye-Danquah which highlighted that: “Kandifo Institute under your leadership is one of Ghana’s most vibrant Policy Think-Tanks, working on various initiatives that bring together the right minds and resources for good governance.

“The 2020 national elections of Ghana saw your invaluable contributions and partnership with the Electoral Commission to put on assignments many young people who assisted in the democratic exercises. You have dedicated yourself to mentoring many young leaders across the world in your quest to see good leadership that brings real solutions to problems in countries.

“We therefore present to you this citation, having been nominated and won the Millennium Youth Impact Award’s Excellence in Leadership Award for Kandifo Institute as the Best Policy Think Tank in Ghana. Youth Leadership Parliament acknowledges your achievement and hereby honours you.” – Youth Leadership Parliament, 2021.

Youth Leadership Parliament is Ghana’s biggest Model Parliament with youth leaders across Africa, which hosts an annual event – the Millennium Youth Impact Awards which recognize and celebrate the outstanding performances of Young Leaders, Individuals, CEOs of Businesses, Ministers of State, Heads of Government Agencies, Civil Society Organizations and other political leaders for their impact, value addition and transformation of lives through various contributions toward national development.

One of the main ideologies behind this event is to recognize and celebrate top-notch mentors or coaches contributing to national development. Thus, to encourage the investment of more corporate social responsibilities toward the creation of an enabling environment to support the creativity and innovation of young people to excel, develop and grow.

Kandifo Institute has been in existence for two years and has engaged in several national dialogues, sharing opinions on diverse national issues. The Institute, since its inception, has as well contributed significantly to the suggestion of policies to help develop Ghana into the Ghana we all dream of having.

Kandifo Institute as a think-tank under the leadership of Mr. Palgrave Boakye-Danquah has provided analytical influence to create a new value system based upon already existing tradition to foster a new paradigm that responds to the leadership of the country, economic policy demands and intellectual governance.

Mr. Boakye-Danquah, through his work at Kandifo Institute, has always focused on mentoring young people in leadership, encouraged policy dialogues and conducted research with objective analysis on national issues. He is a highly educated visionary who has concerns of the youth at heart, and is working toward bettering youth leadership in Ghana and beyond. With many Bachelor and Masters’ degrees bagged and an ongoing Doctoral degree at Nobel International Business School (NiBS), it is evident that Mr. Boakye-Danquah values education and aligns with achieving learning goals and maximizing human potential.

This award by Youth Leadership Parliament is indeed an endorsement of the great work done by Kandifo Institute under the good leadership of Mr. Palgrave Boakye-Danquah. The entire team would like to use this medium to extend sincerest gratitude to Youth Leadership Parliament for the recognition, and we look forward to contributing more toward Ghana’s development.

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