Insurance industry donates blood to stock blood banks

Insurance industry donates blood to stock blood banks

About 150 Chief Executive Officers in the insurance industry, led by the Commissioner of Insurance Dr. Justice Yaw Ofori, have come together to launch a blood donation exercise.

The exercise is expected to be done annually and is to help stock the National Blood Service.

The donation follows an appeal by the National Blood Service to the National Insurance Commission to help stock the blood bank.

The donation will be done across the country and is expected to end on October 14, 2021 and is done under the hashtag ‘Donate blood, save a life; if you do it for someone, you do it for yourself’.

Dr. Yaw Ofori, speaking to the media after his donation, said without lives there can be no insurance as businesses depend on lives for their insurance business.

“The blood bank approached us that they needed some blood because they were running out of stock, so we decided to lead a campaign for the insurance industry to help stock it.

“What I am doing today will benefit someone, but if I should also need blood someday someone’s own will also help me – and that is why everyone must get involved,” he stated.

He said the exercise will be replicated at all branches of the NIC across the country.

Other persons who donated blood on the launch were staff of the NIC, Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana, Ghana Insurers Association, Insurance Brokers of Association Ghana, Ghana Insurance College, among others.

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