Stallion Motors unveils two new commercial vehicles

Stallion Motors unveils two new commercial vehicles

Stallion Motors Ghana Limited through a press launch has unveiled the all new Changan commercial vehicles which is; Changan Mini Van and Changan Star Cargo Truck model which has already received much interest from both existing and potential customers during the launch.

The Changan Star Truck is a leading light truck with more load capacity of up to 950 Kgs, low fuel consumption that is 7.2 Litres for 100 kms, more safety equipment like Airbags, Abs, Airconditioning system etc. and a powerful engine with low carbon emissions.

The Star truck is equipped with Changan’s E power 1.2 petrol engine which combines power, fuel efficiency & quiet operation. It also employs a 3H chassis concept which is High rigidity, High load capacity & High durability and a six-leaf spring suspension design to ensure leading levels of carrying capacity in the mini truck segment is achieved.

Stallion Motors Ghana Limited is associated with Changan International corporation and also the sole distributor and importer for passenger & commercial vehicles in Ghana due to the high standard recognition gained by Changan as one of the top 4 leading Automobile groups in China and the top selling domestic Chinese Automotive brand.

Business Head: Sales and Marketing at Stallion Motors, Mr. Manish Daryanani stated that “we are confident that we can enhance the Changan brand more in Ghana by the introduction of this entire commercial model range which we have displayed today as it is the right Cargo truck & minivan that offers great value for your business”

He argued that due to the quality of services they have for their customers, the brand has warrant offer for customers who purchase any of the Changan vehicles.

“We offer standard 3 year or 60,000 kms as warranty for Star Truck while for passenger vehicles it is 5 years or 100,000 kms which not only gives us an edge over competition but also boasts customer loyalty and confidence in the brand” he noted.

Mr. Daryanani stated that he is very confident that Stallion can enhance the Changan brand more in Ghana by the introducing the entire commercial model range which was displayed as it is the right Cargo truck & minivan that offers great value for businesses.

Key Specifications

Fitted with the engine independently developed by Changan with a maximum power of 72kw and 98 horsepower, stronger than competitors. The engine has an advanced technology. The 1.2L engine adopts German craft quality and Ford-level production management.

The engine is equipped with a suction shift, which saves money and provides a comfortable handling. With passenger car-class drive enjoyment, clear gear, strong sense of inhalation, labour-saving shift, precise steering system pointing, 9-inch brake booster pump, short braking distance, good braking effect.

It employs a 3H Chassis (High rigidity, High load capacity, and High durability) and a six-leaf spring suspension design to ensure leading levels of carrying capacity.

It comes with large tires of the 175/70R14 series, six leaf spring suspension design and the size of the vehicle and the load capacity exceed the competitors. It also comes with a load quality up to 950kg.

The interior presents a passenger Car-class interior trim enjoyment. Self-luminous two-color dashboard Central Control of Metal Drawing Panel, Design of 360 Degree Circular Air Conditioning Outlet.

The interior trim of the car is high-grade and luxurious. The seat is ergonomically designed. It has a strong wrapping property. The back thickness of the seat is 16cm. It is comfortable to ride and will not feel tired for a long time.

Changan automobile boasts of an industrial history stretching back 153 years. With over 60 years of experience in building and selling passenger vehicles, Changan is an early leader in the auto industry. Each day, more than 8500 consumers buy a new Changan.

With 6000 sales and service facilities in more than 60 countries, and more than 150,000 professional team members globally, we stand ready to provide you considerate & prompt service 24 hours a day.

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