CEOs on Accelerator Programme urged to support population management


The Executive Director of the National Population Council Dr. Leticia Adelaide Appiah has asked business leaders to partner with the National Population Council to help bridge the inequality gap and make things work by improving the quality of life of everyone which enhances business sustainability.

Dr. Appiah was speaking at the 2nd CEO Breakfast Retreat organised by the CEO Accelerator Programme. “Your vision is in line with our vision. Our vision is to improve and sustain the quality of life of all the people, not just a section of the people. Because if you are well and I am not well, I will live in constant need while you live in constant fear. That is what inequality does, and the foundation for equality is the National Population Council. When the National Populations Council gets partners like you to make things work, then your businesses will thrive.”

Dr. Leticia Appiah added that the National Population Council is also part of the engine of growth, if not really the engine of growth, and so encouraged businesses to support the activities of the Council.

The Convener of the CEO Accelerator Programme, Robert Marshall Bennin who is also Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at TEMPLE Advisory Limited also shared that “being a CEO for Good” means “enabling others and lifting the entire village. Our leadership is a call to maximize the outcomes available to all stakeholders in the village.”

The National Population Council (NPC) was established by the National Population Council, Act 485, 1994, to advise the Government on all population matters. The vision of the Council is “a better quality of life for the people of Ghana through effective population management.

As a state institution, its mission is to advise Government on population and related issues and to ensure that population considerations remain central to development planning by effectively coordination the implementation of the national population policy through advocacy and networking to integrate population variables into programming at all levels.

The CEO Accelerator Programme is a strategically curated network of highly capable C-Suite leaders who connect to share expertise, peer coach and challenge each other to accelerate personal and organizational transformation. Leaders on the CEO Accelerator Programme go through a 12-month learning journey that supports them to embrace a bold, new leadership mind-set, take control of their calendar and learn to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

The mission of the CEO Accelerator Programme is to build a cadre of highly capable CEOs who will take corporate Africa into a glorious future. The future of the continent is in the hands of leaders who lead our institutions. And their effective leadership is what will make all the difference.

The Breakfast Retreat brought together Business Leaders from different sectors of the economy to connect and create new pathways for leadership transformation in a rapidly changing world. There are currently 4 cohorts with 40+ business leaders from 18 different business sectors on the CEO Accelerator Programme.

Each cohort is made up of 8 to 12 enterprise leaders from different sectors. The key principles underlying the design of the CEO Accelerator Programme are: Mission and Context Clarity; Practice and Reflection; and Peer Coaching and Accountability. Leaders on the Programme are inspired by the African proverb which says that if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.

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