Vien Health virtual platform launched for digital healthcare delivery

Chief Executive Officer of Vien Health, Gersom Adu

Vein Health, a virtual healthcare solutions provider, has been launched in the country to provide comprehensive digital healthcare solutions – which will complement the traditional face-to-face healthcare delivery.

According to management of Vien Health, the platform comes in the form of an application and offers the only comprehensive virtual healthcare solution to make it easier for patients, organisations and doctors across Africa to connect anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The health app, which was launched at the Marriot Hotel, Accra, is designed to give patients quick access to quality healthcare and also create a quick doctor-patient interaction.

As the country and the Africa continent in general are bedevilled with healthcare challenges such as lack of infrastructure, proximity to hospitals, unmotorable road networks and poor-quality healthcare delivery services, the introduction of this comprehensive virtual platform has been received warmly by both healthcare professionals and the citizenry.

Dezzra Gomez, Brands & Communication Manager-Vien Health, in a presentation on the app’s usage and functions indicated that Vien Health is providing telehealth service whereby patients have unlimited access to top, qualified health professionals for them to get personalised medical treatment plan, manage their own medical records, and meet with a doctor by phone.

“Some features of the app are: giving the patient a world-class virtual healthcare experience; video conference with a general doctor or specialist in real time; tele-pharmacy, health tips; teleconferencing, electronic archiving; data analytics for pre-visit questionnaires; and an end-to-end healthcare delivery system that makes data-theft and scams difficult. Health coaches are also available on the app for patients needing assistance; from fitness to nutrition, and general wellbeing among others,” she said.

Chief Executive Officer of Vien Health, Gersom Adu, stated that his team chose Ghana as its first stop for the initiative due to the country’s level of advancement in technology compared to other African countries.

“We started in Ghana because we see the technological advancement: specifically, the average individual has about two mobile devices, and the scalability of how mobile devices are actually increasing in countries of Africa is more in Ghana right now. We believe that Ghana is the hub for us to build a platform, a system that works for all,” he said.

Rural areas were not left out either, as the Vien team also revealed how they have developed a technology called ‘Cloma’ to serve rural communities. The Cloma is a virtual kiosk that allows people to deploy the app in rural areas, so that users who may not have devices still have access to quality healthcare.

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