Poetry Corner: It takes another wrong guy 

poetry corner

One day that bad guy

Met that wrong guy

Oh what a lesson he learned

That every road has a turn


On a walk along a crowded city sidewalk

One good guy was just minding his own business

One bad guy walked in the opposite direction

Looking for a weakling to mess up

Unexpectedly there was a sound of clashing bodies

So hard on the good guy he lost his balance

And for a moment lost his temper

For another moment expected to hear an apology

And still for another moment expected to see a remorseful guy


Too bad the bad guy enjoyed the moment

He hurled insults and threatened to assault

Instead of rendering an apology

Too good for the bad guy to see someone sulk in pain

Too bad for the bad guy to laugh at someone’s pain

When the good guy gauged his height and size

He knew it would be bad business to tackle the bad guy in a fray

The bad guy had his way this day


Waiting in a queue at a shopping mall pay point

One good guy was minding to pay for his groceries

One bad guy cut right in front of the good guy

Pushing to pay for a pack of cigar and a bottle of whiskey

So hard he pushed the good guy fell backwards

Onlookers saw it all

But none had the balls

No balls to tell the bad guy to wait till it was his turn


Some onlookers knew him as a thug

Who had a couple of thugs lurk in the shadows…as his backup

Onlookers cautioned good guy to keep his distance

To nip thuggery in the bud

To deny the ruffian a bad chance


When the bad guy got to the cashier

The cashier angrily pushed his whiskey aside

Bad guy pushed it violently back in front

With a throaty croaky retort

“If you don’t need my bucks

I just walk away with your stuff”

The cashier chickened out…at the threat

She served the bad guy just to send him away

The bad guy had his way this day


A good guy sat alone over a couple of drinks

Minding his own business

Three rowdy men walked in

And deliberately sat at a table so close

Just to disturb the peace of his mind

Just because he appeared too quiet…too timid

One bad guy of the rowdy trio

Teased the good guy to a fight


The good guy continued to mind his own business

But the bad guy teased further on

Then the lonely good guy called his bluff

He beat the bad guy to a pulp

The remaining lot of the rowdy trio he dared

Teasing them to a fight

They stood dazed

…rooted without bringing about a bout

They feared to be roundly routed

Wondering what kind of stuff

…the lonely man was made of


He was an ex-soldier who knew martial arts

And who knew when to act

He was in no mood at all

To allow the bad guy of the rowdy trio

To get away with his rowdy nonsense


Not in his presence


One day that bad guy

Met that wrong guy

Oh what a bitter lesson he learned

That every road has a sure turn


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