Poetry Corner: Forever in love 

poetry corner

Just when we were billed to glide high

I did bid you goodbye

…sighing to doubt a fly high

Oh why did I stand by…just to stare?

Why did I stare?

…as you slipped by

…as you wondered why

In the full glare of my stare


Your eyes saw it in my eyes

Just when my eyes saw it in your eyes

Why didn’t I see it like it was?

Why didn’t I say it like it was?

Time it was

That heartlessly crowded me out

Fate it was

That callously wrestled you out of my arms

Strange it was

That we loved without you and me


We drew close at age tender

We clung closer than ever for longer

Why did we drift asunder

As we grew wiser

Now I am wishing we didn’t grow older

Then we wouldn’t be so far apart

…from each other


I acted a heartbreaking ghost

When you needed me most

How did I miss a heartbeat

…that was meant for me?

How did I miss a heart

…that was waiting for my heartbeat?

What is my heart without your heartbeat?



I realize I’ve been unfair to you

So please let me make amends

After all we were more than friends

Don’t say you forgot the love we knew

I know true love never ends


If I made you blue

I admit it’s true

I will sing you some new blues

I will make it up to you

Forgive me now

And forget me not


If I caused you pain

I know I am to blame

If I told you a lie

I must have been insane

I know I made you cry

When I said goodbye

This time I won’t say goodbye

Now I will say goodnight


Can I find another you?

I know you can’t happen twice

Why should I need another you?

I am so lost in your love


After loving you first

All the rest are second best


Never knew how much you meant to me

Till I walked away

It’s my fault, all my fault

That we are apart

I’d give anything I could to be back with you


What more can I say

From the top of my head

To the bottom of my heart

I love you

I love you…still

I will love you till…


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