Valentine to Remember: love & laughter leaves patrons in awe


Image Bureau Limited could not have healed souls and mend broken hearts and relationships better than presenting a hilarious moment on a valentine day with the finest comedians in the country.

As a new kid on the block, Image Bureau, headed by the highly experienced entertainment expert and event organiser George Quaye, formerly of Charterhouse fame, could not afford to give patrons of the Love & Laughter show anything less than extraordinary to gain their loyalty to the brand and they delivered just that.

The National Theatre was full to capacity on Valentine’s Day, just before 9pm as couples seek to give their partners, loved ones or crushes that awesome moment of joy that will turn their hearts around and give them a reason to be happy for a moment in life.

With performers on bill for the night being the finest comedians in the country such as DKB, OB Amponsah, Jacinta, Clemento Suarez, Lekzy De Comic and Forster Romanus, among others, the audience were fired up for the delivery of jaw breaking love stories.

Synonymous of entertainment shows in the country, some upcoming comedians and musicians were honoured with the platform to market their talent to the world among which were Mawuli, Eddy Bongos, among others.

To begin with the seriousness of unserious business for the night, stand-up comedian, Clemento Suarez appeared on stage unannounced, receiving a resounding applause to his surprise. To show excitement, he decided to go back and come again, in order to receive more of the applause and this time around with a perfect rendition of a rap song by Sarkodie which electrified the place with high emotions.

The last line of his rap song was followed by a false biography of himself which turned the auditorium down immediately setting the tone for the night.

After claiming to have a degree in Theatre of Arts, University of Ghana, 1st class honour and degree in Petrochemical Engineering, KNUST, before proceeding to the Ghana Law School, where he has also graduated and was called to the bar, the audience could not hold their peace but to scream lies, lies, lies… eventually he claimed his girlfriend ended up realising that the autobiography he gave her was lies and that ended his relationship.

The audience could not have enough laugh at it his predicament as some were shouting ‘you deserve it’ among them. In a well-crafted performance structure, Clemento Suarez, introduced the next performer and took a seat in a studio like set-up to the corner of the stage.

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Lekzy De Comic, enjoyed a minute of amusement from the crowed on his entry before heading to the studio of Clemento Suarez for Q&A, even before his main performance. It was a hilarious Q&A that served as an extra-bite to the success of the valentine rock show.

To begin his main performance after the Q&A, he asked all couples present to look at each other’s face and say ‘baby I love u.’ He then asked that couples clapped according to the beauty of their partner and the auditorium went crazy with claps.

To end his sterling performance, he took a dig at the Ga tribe for being too noisy to the extent that even in bed their women are very noisy and will scream throughout love-making that the next day, neighbours would come congratulating you for hard work done during the night. “Ewes are so music loving and rhythmic that even in bed, they give a rhythmic sound from start to end…” he said.

Clemento Suarez, MC for the night, took to the stage again to announce Jacinta as next performer. She announced herself as a representative of the single ladies who have money but do not have love as the guys keep turning her away whenever they come.

In the middle of her delivery, she brought out condoms to share to the audience telling them that she knows some are by all means going to fornicate whilst others too will commit adultery but Ghana does not need any unwanted November born so they should use condom.

At the climax of her performance, she jabbed Joe Mettle for saying when he is in the mood for sex he reads the Bible, indicating that it is a lie and that ‘body no be firewood.’  “Bo noo nia…Bo noo nia…” my friend shot up mini noo nia,” she said. Leaving everyone jaw broken with laughter.

Foster Romanus, without any introduction, entered singing Samini’s ‘se obi do woa’ and he sounded so much like the musician that some audience were screaming Samini’s name only to realise that the comedian could mimic Samini that well, calling for a heart-warming round of applause.

He was so much on point throughout his performance delivering rib cracking stories one after the other for over 30 minutes. He gave an excellent valentine gift to the audience and will forever be remembered by the audience anytime they think of a valentine experience they’ve had.

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One of his jokes read: “Growing up I wanted to be the son of a pastor and leave in the mission house to enjoy all the goods and gifts that church members has been sending to the pastors. But I have been wondering what will happen to me if my father was Archbishop Duncan Williams and I went to misbehave by impregnating a church girl and they come to report to my father, how will he address me with his deep voice…giving a crazy imitation of an angry Duncan Williams to send the patrons to the seven heavens.

Professional doctor cum Comedian, OB Amponsah, succeeded Foster Romanus and literally set the auditorium of fire, delivering explicit content that sound original and could easily be related to.

He expressed how poverty makes relationships boring and the difference money can bring citing Osei Kwame Despite’s son recent marriage as an example.  Hilariously, he advised guys not to marry ladies who are having same physical challenges as they have like shortness, big head, big voice or fatness, else their children will be cited as case study in school.

DKB, was the last to comic perform but before his performance, MC, Clemento Suarez engaged him and David Oscar who performed before him on his set where he ensured that the two of them settled a beef they hard ongoing for some time now and it was a successful course.

The headmaster of Ghana comedy did not disappoint at all and proved why he was placed last. The patrons laughed their hearts out and even on their way home, some couples were mimicking and arguing in their cars as they drove away. It was a top class performance by all standard though it was highly explicit as well but of course the atmosphere and the event was right for such language.

Award winning Hip-life artiste, Dope Nation was on stage to thrill the audience with some dance movements as they depart to their various destinations.

Generally, it was an excellent production from start to end. The set up was just top class. Lightening, sound system, stage design, coordination of performers and security was all a beholding site to tell. It is surely a ‘Valentine to Remember’ and I am very sure patrons cannot wait for a whole year to receive another magnificent pleasure of such level.

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