Poetry corner : Covid cure

Have you heard of VC 10?
The one that flew you high up in the skies
The one that was spirited out for you
For Covid to fly below cloud 19
What about Ogogoro…or Apio?
The one that came with a quarter and a tot measure
Akpet…the one lawyer you need in battle with Asew Korafo
Yeah…you can sleep by it till cockcrow
Yeah…you can wake up with it at cockcrow
Covid Corona will smell the heat in your throat
…and run a hot marathon
If you doubt ask Corona media

Break your fast with a clove of garlic
Lace your lunch with lumps of garlic
Supply your supper with a soupful  of garlic
Then when dreaming on your pillow…you will know
That Covid Corona is allergic to organic garlic
If you doubt this ask magic media

Do you own a neem tree in your backyard?
If you get neem leaves and neem bark
Put them together in your size 34 bucket
Put hot fire under…till it’s pure dark
Drink and drink without let
Inhale the steam from the rest
But don’t speed off like the rat
If you doubt ask anyone on multimedia

Get some Ada salt or some from Pambros
Not the one from Hannah Puna or U too
Soak salt in Standard Belaqua
Sink it down and also up your throat
Covid Corona will slip out of your throat… at the velocity of Usain Bolt
If you doubt ask those on public media

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Aloe Vera, apple cider, ginger
That big brand mixture
Green tea, white tea, black tea, liptea
Any tea can chase Covid to flee
Drink tea…hot sizzling tea
…if you want Covid to set you free
If you doubt ask them on private meda

Hydrochloroquine…is a Covid cure
Swallow two tablets…three times in a day
Swallow for thirty full days
Add some antibiotics
…and presto you’re cured!
…of Covid ways
If you doubt ask Trump media

Wear your mask…unfurl your eyes
Keep your gloves handy
Wash your hands with Asepso
…but ‘don’t touch me’
Hold your sanitizer close to your haversack
Spray your body with heaven disinfectant
Follow sleep scrupulously
Jump joggingly
Nibble nutritiously
…and pray piously
Practice social distancing from social media
If you doubt me, ask me


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