Tropo Farms expands tilapia production during COVID-19 lockdown

Tropo Farms, Ghana’s largest producer of Tilapia, is expanding production throughout the lockdown period as supplies of imported fish are expected to be reduced due to breakdowns in international supply chains.

Tropo is a pioneer in Tilapia production with over 20 years of aquaculture experience, and is the largest tilapia producer in Africa.

Tropo’s tilapia offshore grow-out cages are in deep water on Lake Volta, and onshore hatcheries and processing facilities are at Anyaase and Mpakadan – from whence Tropo distributes fresh fish with its own fleet of refrigerated trucks to 5 company retail outlets in urban areas, ensuring reliable supply and consistent quality.

Ghana annually imports over 200,000 metric tonnes of frozen fish, much as a result of the decline in Ghana’s ‘wild catch’ due to decimated fish stocks from widespread poor fishing practices.

Experts of fisheries believe that a significant quantity of Ghana’s imported farmed fish is of questionable quality, due to issues such as low quality feed, excessive use of antibiotics and hormones, and this is exacerbated by interruptions in cold chain storage in transit; meaning local consumers cannot be confident in the wholesomeness of imported fish.

Mr. Mark Amechi, Chairman of Tropo, maintains that with its fingerling and grow-out capacity, Tropo could rapidly increase output by seven times from 10,000 tonnes per annum to 70,000 tonnes per annum.

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To the extent that coronavirus stimulates expansion of Ghana’s aquaculture industry, it could well be an opportunity forthe pristine and clear waters of Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the world and currently an underused resource, to be utilised for improving the healthiness of everyday diets of Ghanaians; create additional employment in disadvantaged lakeside communities; and increase national food security.

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