Steel Pulse gives Ghanaians an unforgettable independence bash

Ghana’s 63rd independence day celebration could not have been electrified any better for matured music lovers in Accra than having Grammy award- winning sensational band Steel Pulse and Ghana’s Maestro Kojo Antwi headline a bash that gave nothing but a once live time experience.

Grammy award-winning roots reggae musical band, Steel Pulse, referred to by many as ‘Sensational 80s Reggae Band’, last weekend got the Grand Arena Dome, Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), charged beyond control.

Steel Pulse sublime to the stage at quarter to 1:00 GMT after the stage has been inactive for over 30 minutes and one would think that it will take them a while to warm the audience back into the show but that happened in less than two minutes of electrifying live band performance.

First of all, let me commend the technical team for a great work done in putting together an excellent stage design, good lightening for the stage and most important of all the great sound system.

With a stage design where audience are close to the performers working to their favour and a sound system giving a good crystal clear echo to the instruments and voice, you get nothing but quality matured performance for the global band.

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Steel Pulse well known for its style of music; Reggae-Pop, Roots-Reggae, and Contemporary Reggae, delivered a magical combination of all these genres touching on most of their popular songs.

To show their love for Ghana, the Band performed all the songs on their prestigious Grammy Award album named ‘Babylon the Bandit.’

Familiar songs on the album such as Rally Round, Roller Skates, Your House, Bodyguard, Chant a Psalm, Steppin’ Out, were well chorused among the audience who could not afford to sit in such a moment but jump and jam all through the performance.

The charisma of the band’s lead singer; David Hinds and keyboardist Sidney Mills on stage was worth beholding. They were in character, highly motivated, full of energy from start to finish of the over one-hour performance.

With the ‘Steel Pulse Live in Ghana Independence Bash’ originally designed to have an 80s party vibe, the audience was a mixture of the young and old with the older generation dominating. However, the exuberance and vigour with which they were jamming to the live band reggae performances was outstanding.

To have not just an international art but a Grammy winning band for that matter to treat audience with such an exciting electrifying experience is very memorable one for the patrons who will never forget this special independence day gift offered to them at their comfort zone.

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Another important art on bill for the night was Ghana’s own sensational legend Kojo Antwi AKA ‘Mr Music Man.’ The music maestro who led the way for Steel Pulse, thrilled the fans to a live performance of his chart-topping songs.

Kojo Antwi’s excellent stagecraft and organisation was a plus to his performance that cannot be over emphasised.

One key feature of Kojo Antwi’s performances over the years is the nature of his songs which makes it easy for audience to participate in the performance and sing along with him amid dancing.

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