President provides virtual work space for public sector services & systems

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in an effort to ensure government continuity and provide a safe working environment for public servants during the COVID-19 pandemic, has introduced the government telecommunication platform, Smart Workplace, for use by all public sector workers.

In his second Address to the Nation on measures to curb spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the president directed the Ministry of Communications to implement a digital solution to ensure uninterrupted government business.

The National Information technology Agency has accordingly put together a comprehensive solution to enable all public sector workers (ministries, departments and agencies) to stay home and work remotely, observing all the safety protocols of social distancing. It will also ensure reliable and effective connectivity via sponsored data to the Smart Workplace portal.

The Smart Workplace solution provides secure access to all applications required to work effectively. This includes secure business-class e-mail services, access to Microsoft office applications, document management, Instant Messaging (IM), audio and video conferencing, calendar management and file storage among others. Connectivity can be anywhere, anytime and on any device (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Public sector workers will therefore be encouraged to have meetings and collaborations through Audio and Video Conferencing. The Fixed-to-mobile convergence will also allow Toll-free numbers to be rerouted/transferred to mobile phones outside the office (useful for Call Centres) operations for smooth operation of government services.

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The Ministry of Communications, as directed by the president, is ready to ensure government functions in all crisis situations – such as the current pandemic. People can work remotely to curb spread of the virus and also ensure productivity even in self-quarantine mode if required.

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