Global African Sheroes Union set for International Women’s Day


The Global African Sheroes Union (GASU) has commenced the achieving of International Women’s Day and its plans towards the up-and-coming hosting of their parallel event at the UN Headquarters in New York during the 25th Anniversary of the fourth world conference on women and the adoption of the Beijing declaration and platform of women for action.

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women will be hosting the 64th NGO CSW Forum Summit which will commence on the 9th of March and end on the 20th of March, 2020 in New York.

The general theme of this great event is: ‘’Beijing+25 Realising Gender and the Empowerment of All Women and Girls’’.

This is an event commemorating a 5-year milestone which will be attained towards achieving sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The Global African Sheroes Union is among the bodies invited by the commission on the status of women to attend all sessions and will host their parallel events focused on the needs of African women from the 12th to 20th of March, 2020.

Women are being abused in so many ways and do not have the right to speak and do all sort of things due to low gender equality. Sheroes is a union set to promote and empower women.

Helena Owusu-Adjei, Co-Chair and media team member for the Ghana Chapter of GASU highlighted some good works they are doing to enhance women across the globe, particularly African women.

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At a press conference last week, Mrs. Owusu-Adjei cited that Sheroes was formed in 2016 in Ghana by Kim Poole who is an artist who visited Ghana and she is the Chief Executive Officer and Angela Sayles is the Chairperson.

“From 2016 to date, a lot of work has been done to develop the Ghanaian and African woman. Women, here in Ghana, have been trained in doing make-up, bead making, sewing and making of soaps.

Another purpose is to create entrepreneurs. We believe that a strong and an enabled woman can create a world worth of enable world of making children live in peace. Our target is to get university, market women, ‘kayaye’ and rest”, she said.

International Women’s Day started around 1911 and it was for this cause that women are being trampled on. So, the first conference which was held around that time hosted about 1million people to encourage the women to having a voice. Along the way, it has been a long journey and in 1945, it was realised that United Nations also came up to join forces to eradicate such harsh moments women face at both home and workplace. United Nations ensures that everyone’s live is realised.

Furthermore, Mrs Owusu-Adjei stated that: “GASU has not reached the total-go to gender equality. Even though most women have accomplished many things, most are also not Africans. Sheroes is concerned about building up the African woman. The African woman has a lot of responsibilities at home, workplace and in the society we live in, so we have to make the woman be a better person as compared to other European countries. Sheroes is looking at making the African woman glow and heal inside-out.”

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Across the globe, some women have been able to achieve a lot of things through education. Some are also well employed and in the political sphere. Health-wise too, many women are doing very well unlike previous years,” she added.

Furthermore, the main agenda set for 2019-2024 is to be able to establish memorandum, working relationships with regional establishments, and to ensure international focus on the wellbeing of the African Woman in achieving Beijing declaration and action for growth.

It also targets to get a consensual status within the United Nations Organisation.

Finally, Francis Marty Nii Korley Dickson, Media Co-Chairman for the Ghana Chapter added that: “Females are basically the Sheroes as males are heroes.

So, let’s do our best to support the women in our bit as men. The Global African Sheroes Union (GASU) is open to all. In Uganda now, there have been issues where women are being asked to give sex for jobs and other molestations. Upon getting the complains, we have asked that victims of such should visit any of our centres/group for resolving such acts.

Other members present were Mrs. Gifty Serwaa Bonsu and Mr. Haruna Seidu Soale (Zoree) all members of the media team, as well, as the whole framework of GASU for their tenacious efforts in working towards the cause of empowering women.

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