Editorial: Spike in COVID-19 cases vindicates two-week lockdown

Health Minister, Kwaku Agyemang-Manu announced yesterday that Coronavirus cases in Ghana have now jumped to 195. The Northern region has 10 cases while the Ashanti Region which is currently on lockdown has recorded 9 cases.

The Upper West Region and the Eastern have both recorded one case each. This means that five out of the country’s 16 regions have recorded Coronavirus cases.

The escalation of cases in recent days has vindicated the two-week partial lockdown announced by the President last weekend.  Accra, Tema, Kasoa and Kumasi are currently on a two-week partial lockdown after they were identified to be the epi-centres of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

However, even though the partial lockdown has been announced, due to some exemptions granted by government, a number of people are still moving around for various reasons and are putting a strain on the efforts of the military cum police checkpoints that have been mounted in various parts of the city.

The security personnel detailed to enforce the two-week lockdown need to be commended for the professionalism exhibited by the men in uniform and since the media is part of those considered rendering essential services, we can vouch for the professional manner they are going about enforcing the lockdown even though a few citizens have complained of some excesses.

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Looking at the spike in cases, and even extending to regions that were considered safe or free of COVID-19, are now experiencing cases and that shows that the decision to lockdown the country was the right thing to do.

Had we lingered and thought the whole episode was just a passing phase, we would have been caught unaware and given the opportunity for the virus to attack far more people and containing it would have been a herculean task.

Already, we are sweating it out trying to identify all who came in contact with the confirmed cases for further testing. Thankfully, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has also been made a testing centre to compliment the efforts of the two recognized official testing laboratories so that more people can be tested.

If going by what the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu said that Ghana has a total of 67 ventilators, then it is wise to keep the number of cases to the barest minimum since if we are to descend to the scale of Italy, Spain and the UK in the number of infections, then we would not have enough ventilators for the more severe cases just like how the situation has blown out of proportion for those developed and financially resourced nations.

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