SIGA visits GPHA to foster collaborations toward optimum profitability

Management of State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA) has paid a working visit to the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to reassure of its assistance in safeguarding the Authority’s functions at an optimal level of profitability to ultimately serve Ghana’s interests.

The team was received by the Board Chairman of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Peter Mac-Manu; the Director General of the GPHA, Michael Lujuge; and some senior management of the Authority.

“It is important that from time to time they come to take a bird’s-eye view of what is happening in the enterprises under their interest for the shareholders,” the Board Chairman of GPHA stated.

Stephen Asamoah Boateng, the Director General of SIGA, stated that new strategies have been    adopted by his outfit to ensure the state’s interests are protected.

He emphasised the new status of his outfit, whereby they now assume the responsibility of         ownership of acquisition, receipt, holding and administration or disposal of shares of state-owned enterprises and joint venture companies.

He encouraged such institutions such as the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to align with     the ongoing new development.

He said his outfit is resolute on ensuring prudent management of expenditure by state institutions that SIGA has oversight over, in order to reduce the burden on government.

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“Our job is to look after the expenditure levels and how we manage the risk exposure that SOEs and others put us all under, and that helps the Finance Ministry as well. We have a key role that we play,” he articulated.

The Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Michael Luguje, said the Port  Authority will continue to collaborate with the state Interests and Governance Authority, to ensure GPHA remains afloat in its enterprise.

“We will work very hard despite the challenges we are facing, to ensure that we remain afloat and profitable as the circumstances will permit us to be.”

He also revealed that the Port Authority will take up the national call to use Made in Ghana products for national development.

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