Luxury Brands Define ‘Luxury’ at maiden edition of Africa Luxury Dialogue

The African Luxury Dialogue is a forum for luxury brands and enthusiasts to share insights, experience and vision of the luxury landscape in West Africa.

The Dialogue, which took place at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel, featured a panel discussion from International brands including Mr. Manish Niambar, General Manager of Kempinski Hotel, Mr. Asad Nazir, CEO of Silver Star Auto/Mercedes Benz, Madam Viola Labi, General Manager of Versace Collection and Armand Faure, Brand Ambassador of Remy Martin.

It was moderated by Roberta Annan, Managing Partner at Roberta Annan Capital Partners.

The full-day’s event highlighted intimate dialogues and presentations from emerging African luxury brands, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The panelists also shared their experiences of building a luxury brand on the continent.

In a dialogue, CEO of Lionhearts Events, Tamara Jonah-Goka in a discussion on ‘What Is Luxury’ she defined luxury as an experience created to give clients and customers something different from the norm.  She believes luxury has more to do with experiences than products.

Madam Jonah-Goka stated that she gets a lot of inspiration from travel and “even though I don’t always travel faraway from Ghana, I still get inspiration of luxury from the things around me. It is important to see and appreciate what is around you.”

According to her, in her ten-year experience working in Ghana, she believes that it is most important how a product or service creates an experience for customers. “Making them feel good even with what we may call as ordinary is what luxury is”

She cited that It is more difficult to deliver luxury here in Ghana apart from the fact that people do not understand it, Tamara Jonah-Goka said many services cannot provide luxury because all they think about is money. She advised companies to focus on building good experiences for customers and “if afterwards the price is what people might term expensive, they will still come back for it. Because customers buy good experience and are willing to pay for that. Luxury is basically offering good experience for your service or product”

We have the structures and potential investments but the biggest challenge is service factor.

“Luxury is about experiences. Anybody can do an event as the business part of the event but the fact that people can get inspires, have an experience and take away with them a story, that is luxury. Luxury is service rendered. Mostly. Luxury is relative. But it mostly associated with the experiences people get”, she concluded.

With support from Air France KLMairlines, the Africa Luxury Dialogue opened with a morning reception to launch the opening of Silver Star Auto’s Peugeot and Citroen Showroom, followed by the afternoon program at The Galleria at Kempinski with a Mercedes-Benz exhibition, panel and brand dialogue presentations, and refreshments by Moments Premium Chocolates and concluded with a cocktail networking session compliments of Remy Martin.

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