International Youth Fellowship to deliver reformation programs in Ghana Prisons

Inmates in all the prisons across the country are expected to be introduced to intensive ‘Mindset Education’, which seeks to bring true reforms to all willing to participate in the program.

The project which also seeks to establish Bible Colleges within the prisons, will reform and train inmates to become ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The project is a collaboration between the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and the Ghana Prisons Service and led by by Rev. Dr. Kim Ki-Sung, a South Korean through the “Mindset Education”.

He is currently a lead resource person in professional character transformation of prison inmates in countries such as the USA, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso, and will assist the government of Ghana in this regard.

Rev. Dr. Kim Ki-Sung’s working visit to Ghana this month will witness the establishment of a Bible School in Nsawam Prison and pay courtesy call on the Minister of Interior and the Director General of the Ghana Prisons Service.

Rev. Dr. Kim Ki-Sung is one of the Directors and also the Chairman for the Police and Corrections Forum-South Korea.

He is an expert in reformation and rehabilitation of prison inmates and he is due to engage with the Ministry of Interior and the Ghana Prisons Service to device ways to augment the efforts of government towards the reformation and rehabilitation agenda in all the prisons across the country.

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Speaking at a press conference, Rev. Dr. Kim emphasizes that: “Most prison inmates appear reformed and of good behaviour whiles in the prison cells which is due to the structures and the environment in the prisons. Interestingly after serving their jail term and discharged, crime pursues some of them again and again get them back into the prison cells.”

According to him, “The solution to this vicious cycle in the lives of some prison inmates is the mystery I have discovered through Rev. Ock Soo Park, whose brain child is the ‘Mindset Education Concept’, which forms the basis of this project.”

The ‘Mindset Education’ concept captures emotional intelligence, heart education, psycho-social counseling, character reformation and rehabilitation of a displaced and wounded heart.

The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a Non-Government Organization established in 2001 by leaders with the goal of grooming a competent and resilient young people for development.

It is established based on Christian principles with the main objective to raise leaders with a global insight through mindset education, social service, local & international exchange and cultural activities and to provide realistic solutions to problems in the global space.

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